Here’s some very valuable information about hard drive forensics. (link thanks to AgendaBender.) Reading about hard drive detectives (hard what?) made me think of a subject I am not supposed to talk about ever — Vincent Foster!
Uh oh! There I went again!
Well, OK, the man is dead and buried, and we might as well just do as we’re told and forget about him. So, I’ll keep my pledge, and I WON’T talk about Vincent Foster.
But what about his hard drive?
The story of the now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t Foster hard drive is to my mind, even more bizarre than the death of the drive’s owner.
First, we were told (and this is reflected in the Fiske Report), that the hard drive was somehow “destroyed” but “accidentally.” I have always wanted to know how to accidentally destroy a hard drive, especially when you first have to accidentally locate it inside the supposedly “secured” office of the recently shot White House Counsel, then “accidentally” remove it from the computer.
Well, if Foster committed suicide, couldn’t his hard drive have also gotten depressed, and decided to splatter its electronic brains all over the place?
Anyway, I assumed quite naturally that the spooks had gotten to it, and “sanitized” the thing. Considering what had happened to its owner, they probably figured who’s going to ask too many demanding questions about hard drives? Well, it was subpoenaed, but it wasn’t “there.”
Except then the next thing you know — towards the end of the Clinton administration — we were told that it wasn’t destroyed at all, but it had been sitting in someone’s desk for years.
Then there was an election. Since then, silence.
Case closed?
Does that mean the hard drive committed suicide too?
The last news we heard about the hard drive was this — a summary of the last WorldNetDaily report:

Former Special Counsel Robert Fiske never seized nor even tried to seize Vincent Foster’s computer as evidence after the deputy White House counsel died unexpectedly in 1993, WorldNet Daily has learned. As a result, Foster’s hard drive became a hot potato inside the White House, bouncing from one official’s hands to another’s — breaking the chain of custody over and over, before finally, last week, ending up where it has belonged all along — in the hands of investigators, according to former White House officials who are finally talking publicly about what they know about the Foster case . . . Ray has yet to rule on Whitewater and the alleged obstruction part of the Foster case. He will give a summary of his findings on the first couple’s shady Ozark investment and the Foster aspect “within the next couple of weeks,” said Keith Ausbrook, a senior counsel in Ray’s office here. He said the investigation at this point is “still open.” . . . One of the computer files reveals that Foster and his wife planned to go out the same night he was found dead in Fort Marcy Park, according to a White House whistleblower who has read the file and recently turned over evidence to Ray under subpoena. The former computer specialist is scheduled to testify about Foster before a federal grand jury on Thursday . . .

This is like that disappearing Black Bird in “The Maltese Falcon.” Someone please bring in Peter Lorre and Sidney Greenstreet so we can find it.
Conspiracy theories, of course, abound. One holds that the secret has something to do with top-secret computer shenanigans involving the Clipper Chip and the NSA.
It is tough to make data disappear — accidentally or deliberately.
I can find no news whatsoever about that hard drive since 2000. Are they just hoping this story will go away if no one talks about it?
Well, I might shut up about Vincent Foster, because as I said before I want to get invited to the right parties and all, and no one likes “conspiracy theorists.” But I wanna know what’s on that hard drive! My tax dollars paid for it, and they’ve insulted my intelligence with these lies over the years.
Even Boris Badenov could have done a better job!