Catching up with current (and not so current) events, I learned to my dismay that Idi Amin is not dead. (Story courtesy of Instapundit.)
This means my earlier obituary is in need of revision. While I am at it, I should also note that my numbers were off: while Idi Amin brought misery to millions, the actual total of his murder victims was only in the hundreds of thousands.
What had interested me more than the numbers of murders, though, was precisely why our Saudi allies find this dreadful man so utterly endearing. I mean, killing hundreds of thousands ? why, that shouldn?t rank him all that high, unless you consider the percentage of Ugandans the hundreds of thousands represent.
I still think it had to be Dora Bloch. By choking an elderly Jewish grandmother to death with his bare hands, Idi Amin showed the Saudis he was their kind of guy. That inspires loyalty, especially from the sanctimonious Mutawein ? who believe there?s a religious duty to strangle Jewish grandmothers.
What kind of “allies” do we have, anyway? I mean, this is almost as bad as Syria sponsoring another lovely human specimen, Eichmann’s right hand man Alois Brunner.
I guess it’s just politics. But sometimes, I wish I didn’t have to hear the moral lectures. It’s tough for me to take moral posturing seriously when I keep running into such double standards. It is especially tough to be accused of “moral relativism” by those who elevate such manipulation to an art form.
But I should cheer up! Instapundit linked directly to the quote for today:

“Government bureaucracies are tough on artists.”

It is not a good idea to be too tough on artists, though. (Just look at what can happen when artists get tough.)
Artists! Can’t live with ’em; can’t live without ’em!