Dead issues?

Catching up with current (and not so current) events, I learned to my dismay that Idi Amin is not dead. (Story courtesy of Instapundit.) This means my earlier obituary is in need of revision. While I am at it, I should also note that my numbers were off: while Idi Amin brought misery to millions, […]

Classical vocals from the Midwest and beyond

Late on Tuesday night, I blogged about my favorite song, “Every Day of the Week” by The Students. I was not kidding about it being my favorite; it just so happens that I keep a RealAudio version of the song in my laptop, and this morning, just to see whether it could be done remotely […]

Ancient and modern values in Iowa

Here’s a view of the Iowa State Capitol with my favorite gas station in front.

Two scoops!

Thucydides. Now there’s a mouthful! As usual, one of my linkers is doing a better job of citing the classics than I. In this case, Tim Sandefur is is at it again — first pleading guilty to the crime of pretentiousness for blogging about the ancients: a charge of which I?m awfully guilty. Anyone who […]

Classical Ohio

I am near Toledo, Ohio, right now, and I am “connected” to the Internet at a breathtaking speed of 12.0 Kbps! I think it is unlikely that any blogging will get done, but I am willing to try. Let’s just call this an experiment. I want to be able to say I sent something from […]


“Justin Case” is the pseudonym of my paranoid research assistant who lives thousands of miles away but is still freaked out by this blog. Anyway, Justin is hopping mad about what he considers my sloppy reporting of “the Leon Kass ice cream quote.” He thinks the quote needs expansion. Great! More musings about ice cream […]


I seem to be on the road right now, and I will attempt to log in and post when and where and if I can. If you have come to you are at the right place, as I am 98% finished with the move and redesign. (I guess I need to announce it at […]

Hard drive to where?

Here’s some very valuable information about hard drive forensics. (link thanks to AgendaBender.) Reading about hard drive detectives (hard what?) made me think of a subject I am not supposed to talk about ever — Vincent Foster! Uh oh! There I went again! Well, OK, the man is dead and buried, and we might as […]

Steer straight!

I really wish I didn’t have to read stuff like this, but there it was, staring me in the face. (Link thanks to Perverse Access Memory, via Invisible Adjunct, via Photon Courier — and all thanks to Instapundit.) Wow! That was a lot of epistemology to accessorize. (Such concepts give me the screaming memes! Go […]

The Emperor has no spark!

This will be an experiment, so just let me indulge myself with something having nothing to do with Classical Values…. My car has been occasionally running a little funny, and the “check engine” light has been going on intermittently. My mechanic couldn’t figure out what it was; said it could be “a hundred things.” Typical. […]

Do words of war come with rules?

War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means.” Clausewitz I sure hope I got that one right! I have to watch out with these quotes, because some of my readers are better scholars than I am, and, much as I love accuracy, whenever I am wrong it makes for […]

Best blogs!

It is mind-boggling how many great blogs there are out there. I can’t keep track of them. I have been blogging now daily for two months, and I run into new blogs all the time. Whenever I see one which grabs and holds my attention, and makes me want to return for more, I tend […]

The peace plan is WORKING! Let’s give it a chance!

I am shocked and stunned. Someone does not like the Classical Values Peace Plan?! I have said before that I would try to answer all criticism, and much as it pains me, this is no exception. Let me tell you, it is not easy to wake up in the morning to find yourself the victim […]

test IE

I just read that if I use Internet Explorer I can add links without having to encode them manually! Instead, I can use command keys — NO MOUSE — like right now I’ll use Cntrl+Shift+A to create a link he who must be appeased: IMAO. Or THIS one and this one to Instapundit. Or, I […]


WINNING THROUGH PEACE UPDATE: As I was busily moving the peace entry into my blog’s new home (into which I still haven’t fully moved), I discovered that the peace-loving Glenn Reynolds has graciously offered IMAO the olive branch — and given us at Classical Values a new link idea: the word “who” may henceforth be […]

Kassical Values — Quotations from Chairman Kass

“Nihil tam absurde dici potest, quod non dicatur ab aliquo philosophorum.” [Nothing can be said that is so absurd that it has not been said by some philosopher.] – Marcus Tullius Cicero Glenn Reynolds (bless his heart) seemed to be attempting the impossible earlier today when he tried to make sense of (President’s Council on […]

Making them stop

Here’s something I like: Glenn Reynolds linked to this Wall Street Journal op-ed by blogger Steven Den Beste. Not only do I like seeing bloggers go “hard copy,” I liked his words: We are not doing this out of altruism. We are not trying to give them a liberalized Western democracy because we’re evangelistic liberal […]

testing 3

Do you suppose there are any Messerschmitts here?

Insta WHAT? You didn’t

Insta WHAT? You didn’t hear it here first I second the nomination. That’s FOR PRESIDENT, of course…. (you’ll have to scroll down at my blogfather‘s blog.) But, as Tim Sandefur reminded me today, there remains the Rubicon issue.

A Holistic Cure

For years, Uday Hussein suffered from erectile dysfunction. No more. No matter how you look at it, he is now permanently cured. It’s a condition known as “stiff.” The treatment was more expensive than Viagra, but I think it was worth it. (Link to post-treatment photograph courtesy of Mike Silverman.)