Your Taste is NOT your Business
Anyone who hasn’t checked out the latest from my blogfather, Jeff (which I am sure most of you have, because he gave me my start) must read this.
A police officer was fired for smoking — OFF the job, at a party — and why? Because some sneak ratted him out, and the law mandated his dismissal. As Jeff says:

I couldn’t sleep… And it’s stories like this that keep me up at night; the loss of freedom in this country. Did you know that it is against the law for cops and firemen to smoke — on or off the job — in Massachusetts?

I’ve had many police officer friends over the years, and I’m glad I didn’t read that before I went to bed last night, or I’d have had problems sleeping too.
Once again, this is an issue which will not go away. As Jeff asks, what’s next? Food?

Remember, liberals are never content with just a little social-engineering. They never know when to stop. What’s to prevent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from passing further regulations that say that a worker is forbidden from eating junk-food? Will they start testing for the presence of trans-fats and fire anyone who has “Twinkie-blood?”

Dietary laws have an important place in history, they are in the Bible, and people are free to follow them or not. But they are not the business of government in a free country.

Additional Note: by the way, attempts to stamp out smoking are nothing new. Why, they are almost medieval! Sir Walter Raleigh’s smoking was a major factor in his execution by the ferociously anti-tobacco James I, and he has been called the first martyr for smokers. Punishments have included flogging, slitting of the lips, and execution. Boy oh boy! It all sounds familiar….
Isn’t the Culture War lovely?