Resolved: Sodomy was never a Classical Value!
After all of today’s earlier and more profound observations by others, I have little to add to the sodomy law debate — which appears to be over.
Is it time to declare victory and pull out?
Along with Andrew Sullivan, I found food for thought in the Thomas dissent. For years I was taught (by conservatives and liberals alike) that the man was a devout bigot.
These are not the words of a bigot:

[T]he law before the Court today “is?..uncommonly silly.” [citation] If I were a member of the Texas legislature, I would vote to repeal it. Punishing someone for expressing his sexual preference through noncommercial consensual conduct with another adult does not appear to be a worthy way to expend valuable law enforcement resources.

As Glenn Reynolds noted, his earlier predictions proved to be correct. (See this, and while you’re at it, read Balkin’s excellent analysis.)
On the general question of sodomy, please read my post from last year, as well as my proposal for “biblically accurate sodomy laws”.
It is very difficult to analyze modern “sodomy” in terms of Classical Values, for the ancients didn’t see sexuality this way.
To them, sexuality was just sexuality.
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