Hanoi, Riyadh: Different Strokes for Different Folks?
After thinking over the last blog, I have one additional thought about Bill O’Reilly.
O’Reilly’s behavior in the Roush matter reminds me of Jane Fonda’s infamous duplicity towards American POWs during her wartime propaganda tour of North Vietnam.
Is this a fair comparison? Jane Fonda took at face value statements by POWs that their treatment by North Vietnamese captors was “humane and lenient” — even though she should have known they’d been brainwashed and tortured.
She will never live it down, no matter what she does.
But unlike Bill O’Reilly, Jane Fonda was not a prominent journalist. She therefore did not have to answer to the higher standard we expect from journalists.
I guess maybe the comparison isn’t quite as fair as I thought it was.