Submerged Classical Values TOTAL

Submerged Classical Values TOTAL IMMERSION…. As of tomorrow, I’m on vacation. I have no idea whether I’ll be able to blog. I am going underwater too, and if I can post anything I will let you know what I find. I stole Glenn Reynolds’ idea, except I don’t have a decent picture of myself underwater. […]

Here to there I want

Here to there I want to get this blogger thing working properly, and I am posting this as a test. Last night the whole damned thing shut down and I lost my last (long essay) which I had to feed up in pieces. When I try to send a post of any length, I get […]

Resolved: Sodomy was never

Resolved: Sodomy was never a Classical Value! After all of today’s earlier and more profound observations by others, I have little to add to the sodomy law debate — which appears to be over. Is it time to declare victory and pull out? Along with Andrew Sullivan, I found food for thought in the Thomas […]

(Continued from above) To many

(Continued from above) To many modern people, sexuality is so loaded with guilt, morality, religion, and personal judgments as to be incapable of rational discussion. Complete misunderstandings of the ancients are common to both sides of the debate over homosexuality. Modern gay rights activists often scream about how “gay sex” was common among ancients, while […]

Don’t make “light” of

Don’t make “light” of a serious issue! Here’s another bright idea — from the folks at Taiwanese scientists have genetically engineered a variety of zebra fish, making it fluorescent. ?.coming soon to a pet store near you. The so-called Night Pearls are likely the first genetically modified pets anyone will own. HJ Tsai, a […]

No posts yesterday — my

No posts yesterday — my first blank day. I was in New York, and then when I tried to post this last night, was being rebuilt. Funny, because I wanted to post the following rebuilding tip. (A blight idea?) Things to do with a gaping pit For the first time since September 11, 2001, […]

Some of these Ayatollahs

Some of these Ayatollahs are pretty lively characters…. Events keep confirming my pessimistic view that compromise with religious fundamentalists is utterly impossible. It would seem that on this point at least, the fundamentalists agree with me. I guess I should be thankful that we still have the First Amendment. First, (from Instapundit) there’s this none-too-magnanimous […]

Hypocrisy Means Admitting You Were

Hypocrisy Means Admitting You Were Wrong? There are some very strange definitions of hypocrisy going around. One of the more ridiculous assertions (see also this story) I’ve seen in the blogosphere is the notion that because Clarence Thomas might have benefited from affirmative action, he is somehow prohibited from ever being against it. The reason […]

Your Taste is NOT

Your Taste is NOT your Business Anyone who hasn’t checked out the latest from my blogfather, Jeff (which I am sure most of you have, because he gave me my start) must read this. A police officer was fired for smoking — OFF the job, at a party — and why? Because some sneak ratted […]

Emergency Use Only —

Emergency Use Only — No Bull! More not-so-hidden agendas: Instapundit links to this shocker, which typifies the ruling class mentality our founding fathers wanted this country to avoid. Tom Harkin saw no need to stand in the insufferably long lines he helped impose on the American people, so he flashed his special Apparatchik card, and […]

Cultural Freedom? Not Yet….

Cultural Freedom? Not Yet…. Is the Culture War really over? “DON’T GO WOBBLY” That’s what Jonah Goldberg is being urged not to do, by someone he respects “who toils in the trenches of the conservative movement.” Mr. Goldberg (who has my sympathy for trying to be fair) cites the following email as a “common sentiment” […]

Marriage Fever or Marriage

Marriage Fever or Marriage Allergy? “If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.” — George S. Patton Instapundit is trying to help a very worthy Canadian blogger, who soon may need to see a doctor. That blogger, Colby Cosh (someone I should have been reading long before), offers intriguing thoughts about gay marriage: On […]

Bring Back Gay Blackmail!

Bring Back Gay Blackmail! I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me last night (maybe because no one has ever successfully blackmailed me), but with a start this morning I realized that I had forgotten about the blackmail angle of gay marriage. I don’t want to get into an extended discussion of the ethics […]

First Acrimony, Then Alimony?

Is the Culture War over already? Should I close down my blog and go party? It might have something to do with his writing style (and it might be because I don’t like seeing someone bashed because the bashers don’t like his parents) but despite many disagreements with what he has said, I have always […]

I, CLONIUS, promise to

I, CLONIUS, promise to love, honor and obey — me! Hey if the war for gay marriage is over can I be a mother AND a father? I wanna be a mom and a dad, God damn it! I found a link to this story about how they can make an egg from a man’s […]

Children are adults because

Children are adults because guns kill adults who are children, so let’s take away all guns including toys! Deliberately misleading statistics fascinate me. And now that I am blogging, I can share my concerns about them publicly. A newspaper headline in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer reads, “Murders of the young in Phila. are more likely to […]

I am truly honored

I am truly honored to discover that two more fine bloggers have linked to me. Roger L. Simon is a successful and distinguished author and quite an inspiring guy. I am really flattered that he likes my blog and has linked to me. An award-winning mystery writer, he has a number of famous novels in […]

Homos and Bigots Unite!

Homos and Bigots Unite! John Derbyshire is not someone I particularly agree with, but he is right to sound the alarm about this: 69-year-old Harry Hammond, arrested last year in England and fined over $1,000 for holding up a placard that said: STOP IMMORALITY. STOP HOMOSEXUALITY. STOP LESBIANISM I think it’s a pretty sorry state […]

Monotheistic Polytheism or Polytheistic

Monotheistic Polytheism or Polytheistic Monotheism? That master of understatement, Glenn Reynolds, outdid himself here. I stumbled — deeply — upon the best discussion of Classical Values of any blog, anywhere, at Donald Sensing’s great blog. “A bunch of good stuff,” said the Instapundit. Indeed. (Hey, am I allowed to say “Indeed” when I’m this happy […]

Hanoi, Riyadh: Different Strokes

Hanoi, Riyadh: Different Strokes for Different Folks? After thinking over the last blog, I have one additional thought about Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly’s behavior in the Roush matter reminds me of Jane Fonda’s infamous duplicity towards American POWs during her wartime propaganda tour of North Vietnam. Is this a fair comparison? Jane Fonda took at face […]