In one of the most earthshaking developments in biotaxonomy since Karl Linnaeus, British blogsite Samizdata and the noted evolution scholar, Senator Rick Santorum, profoundly disagree on the scope of homo populations — and even on proper usage of the word “homo” itself!
According to reliable sources at Scrappleface, Senator Santorum is fighting to stop the spread of Culture War politics to our less educated fellow simians:

“If a chimp is a Homo,” said the Senator, “Then it’s only a matter of time before someone starts lobbying to get health insurance for same-genus domestic partners.”

Meanwhile, in what promises to be a major linguistic as well as scientific battle, the good folks at Samizdata are plowing gamely on despite Santorum’s withering broadside. They have even proposed adding a long list of new homos to our already overcrowded, globalized Homo Village. I am not a scientist, so I don’t understand the details of the new terminology, but here is Samizdata’s complete homo list:

-Homo collectivicus
-Homo nonsensicus
-Homo socialist
-Homo communist
-Homo transnationalis

(You’ll have to go to the experts at Samizdata for the details of these exciting classifications, which also include discussion of a proposed new genus category for a highly degenerated, inbred homo variety, to be renamed Bureaucratii).
The most startling aspect of the new developments?
EACH IDENTIFIED HOMO POPULATION GROUP HAS ITS OWN HOMO FLAG! (I am absolutely not making this up; go to Samizdata and see!)
Good work by Samizdata! I would say that Senator Santorum has his work cut out for him! This promises to be the most spellbinding development science has seen since the Scopes monkey trial.
I will of course endeavor to keep readers posted.