Deregulate Homosexuality — Now and Evermore!

What is a Sodomite? When most people think of sodomy, they think of two men engaging in anal intercourse. A dwindling number of states criminalize sodomy, but about half of those have no requirement that the parties be of the same sex, and some even criminalize anal (and yes, even oral!) intercourse between husband and […]


CARTHAGA DELENDA EST! Reflections on the Daniel Pearl Execution Video Initially, I downloaded the video of Daniel Pearl’s execution by Islamic terrorists for a very simple reason. I do not like being told — by people who have seen the video! — that I am not allowed to see it. That insults my intelligence, and […]

Culture War What is this

Culture War What is this thing we call the “Culture War” and why do we seem to be stuck with it? The Culture War is being promoted on many fronts and by many groups, but let us start with one particularly emotional, stubborn modern issue: why are so many people apoplectic about homosexuality? Whether one […]