Joe Biden has a 95 percent chance of winning

Joe Biden has a 95 percent chance of winning . Where have I heard that before? I have also heard some rumors about people voting to Make Liberals Cry Again! It reminds me of 2016. ( Under a minute )

Satan Is The God Of Abused Children

Communism is their politics. Stop child abuse. The Face Of Young Communism

Room Temperature Superconductors

( About 11 minutes )


The title of this video got me thinking. It got me thinking about abused kids. And that got me thinking some more. Satan is the God of abused children. Which leads to. ==> Where Communists come from ==> Child abuse. ==> The Face Of Young Communism. ( About 13 min )

Can You See The Truth?

This video is about the coming Trump landslide and why the polls are so incredibly wrong. Let me call your attention to about 6:45 into the video where a Black woman goes on a rant about Trump. “What is the matter with you?,” is about the gist of it. Very entertaining – if you are […]

Is This The Best That They Have Got?

The beginning of the video asks of the Democrats, “Is this the best they have got?” First Hillary and now Joe. I think the answer is yes. ( About 12 minutes )

Running Down The Crooks

This is a very good video about crooked dealings in America, Hunter Biden, the Biden crime family, Congress. And other things. ( About 30 minutes – and worth every second )

A Rude Awakening

I was reading an article that had polls and data proving Joe Biden will win the election handily. The article was titled A Rude Awakening is Coming for Trump and His Supporters. The article ends with: Barring an unprecedented collapse, Biden will win November 3rd and win big. To which I replied ==> We are […]

Not Enough Control

The lack of near perfect control will be Big Tech’s downfall (cue AH impersonation). Samizdata ruined the USSR. It will be the same here. Only faster. They only have 85% control. It is not near enough.

True Rumors?

I’m adding a preface (20 Oct 2020 2219z) to give you something to keep in mind as you go through the evidence. The dog that didn’t bark. The Bidens are not filing any defamation lawsuits. You want to file those as soon as possible to “prove” you are outraged at the defamation and deeply hurt. […]

Republican Voters?

“The #1 predictor of voting Republican is owning a handgun,” Basham told Forbes. “Black female gun ownership has skyrocketed. Forty percent of new handgun owners are female; 60 percent are African-American.” Pollster Who Shows Trump Leading Exposes Truth About Rest of Polling Industry Women are supposedly President Trump’s weakness. But maybe women don’t like riots, […]

It Must Be True

Facebook and Twitter censored this story. It must be true. See how censorship works you fools? ( About 24 minutes )

The Face Of Young Communism

I was looking at the mug shots in the video below and got to thinking back to my days as a communist. This is what i had to say in the comments section of that video. Edited for better stand alone clarity. Communists hate. Orwell made fun of that with his two minutes of hate. […]

Stop Republicans – Ban A Gun

I just got an e-mail with this at the top. Stop Republicans Followed by this text. PETITION: Pass a law to confiscate all AR-15s and other assault weapons Such a law would be unConstitutional. And the AR-15 is not an “assault rifle”. But the e-mail does give you an idea where the left is coming […]