What America Owes To Black People

Chick-fil-A’s Dan Cathy asks white Christians to repent, fight for black Americans in wake of police killings I’m fighting for Black Americans by opposing Black on Black killings. A 10X bigger problem also caused by government. End Joe Biden’s racist Drug War. I’m going to repent the Civil War for the sake of the Union […]

Where Are The Mayors?

Breitbart: At Least 46 Shot Friday into Sunday Night Across Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago Breitbart runs at least one post a week on murders in Chicago to give Democrat Mayors a bad name (they all have similar problems). So why don’t those Mayors (at least one) call out Prohibition as the cause of the violence? Curious […]

In Defense Of Looting?

The video starts where he discusses the “In Defense of Looting” book. You may also want to watch the beginning. I want to focus on the looting segment because looting, rioting, vandalism, arson and mob rule are why Democrats will be crushed in November. Don’t any of them remember ’68? A bad year for rioting […]

Liberals For Trump

Because looting, rioting, vandalism, arson and mob rule are just as popular as they have always been. ==> Which is not at all.