Decline And Fall

This was published on April 16th. What is amazing is that Tim Pool (the commentator) has better numbers than any of the majors except for Fox. Although theirs are by the hour and his may be by the day. Still, it is impressive.     ( About minutes )

The Left Protects Neo-Nazis

The quote “The left protects Neo-Nazis” happens at about 9:15 in. Watch the whole thing up to that to get the context. ( About 16 minutes )

The Problem With Renewables

( About 18 1/2 minutes ) The video was produced in 2012. He leaves out a great problem for renewables. The supplies are intermittent. Sometimes there is low or no wind for weeks. Batteries are touted as a solution. How big is a battery that can deliver a few hours of output for a grid? […]

This Is Going To Hurt

( The video starts at about 11 minutes in. Two minutes will get you the good stuff. ) A name you will be hearing more – Adm. Mike Rogers. Supposedly a report on James Comey will be out in two weeks according to Joe diGenova starting at about 16 minutes in. Update: 26 April 2019 […]

Terrorism? Or mere incompetence?

I don’t blog much these days. Hardly at all. But occasionally (like right now) I just plain feel as if I must use this platform in accordance with the reasons I started it. (That whole “Classical Values” thing — an idea I had nearly two decades ago, the explanation of which would require repeating long-repeated explanations which […]

Professionals Study Logistics

Some WW2 history. ( About 53 minutes )

The Dog Didn’t Bark

You will note that despite their hatred of the Deep State, the “enemies” of the Deep State have nothing to say about the Drug War. The finance arm of the Deep State. You will find that is true of all the major Deep State “haters”. Just to name a few on the right – Breitbart, […]

Barely Repentant Marxists

( About 10 minutes )

Hillary’s Treason Problem

( About 18 minutes ) Supporting material mentioned in the video: Thread reader version Twitter version