The Biggest Threat From Illegal Border Crossers

( About 9 minutes ) All it will take is one serious pandemic from an illegal to get more border wall than you can currently imagine. Measles is already spreading. Democrats are not thinking this through. At all. The current Trump hate will fade. And who will be hated? Hating Trump and “the Wall” is […]

Racism Will Destroy The Democrat Party

( About 8 minutes ) Once upon a time Democrats were the anti-Black Party. Now the have become the anti-White Party. Same racism. Different race.

Impeachment Is Destroying The Democrats

( About 7 1/2 minutes ) Pelosi desperately needs to pass some kind of pot bill to keep the Bernie Bros even somewhat aboard. If she gets into an all out war with Trump that can’t happen – even though Trump is amenable. “Well Nancy, I’d really like to sign that bill, but there is […]

The Inmate Code

In response to a murder in prison a commenter asked: The violent code of prisoners is an enigma on what’s right & wrong in their own small world of how justice is to be served. I responded: Well. Try this. Suppose most of the men in prison suffered child abuse. The “code” is then more […]

Good Government

It is obvious Alcohol Prohibition didn’t work. It is obvious Drug Prohibition isn’t working. For the very same reasons. Black Markets are more powerful than governments. Good government avoids creating them.

States Rights

The current interest in advancing States Rights with respect to cannabis got me to thinking back to the States Rights issues of 1860. The South wanted States Rights with respect to slavery. But their most pressing issue was getting the other States (via the Feds) to enforce it. They didn’t want the anti-Slavery States to […]