Good Lovin’

A friend of mine turned me on to a ‘Dead cover band Hyryder. They are not just a cover band. They capture the spirit of the Dead. And so. Listening to a show is a spiritual experience. On Facebook: Hyryder Set 2 – 28 Dec 2018. Hyryder Set 3 – 28 Dec 2018 Yes. I […]

He Was Resigned

You may have heard about the resignation of General Mattis over policy differences. There are a lot of theories about that. Here is mine: Trump is in the process of keeping his promise of almost 30 years – to end the Drug War. With Sessions (Jeff and Pete) gone and the Democrats in control of […]

Happy Solstice Full Moon Day!

Time to dance!

The Light Is Flashing

As you can see I have been doing some work on the Bringing A Little Light To The World™ Flash-Light™. The Flash-Light™ is also discussed at this update. The case holds two AA batteries – good for 100 hours of on time or 10 years of flashing. The case was 3D printed at Rockford Makers […]


( About 21 minutes ) If things go as they estimate, EVs (electric vehicles) will be a very big deal by 2025. Is that possible? Yes. Likely? Maybe. A question I had was: Can the electrical grid handle these new loads coming on line? Probably – if the roll out speed is not too fast. […]

Connecting The Dots

( About 29 minutes ) Archeology. Floods. Catastrophe. “Climate change” is more scientific group think. Some photonics questions What are the photon absorption bands of CO2? What are the photon absorption bands of water vapor? What is the overlap? What does it mean?

Beat Michigan

Illinois Governor elect J.B. Pritzker has a new motto. “Beat Michigan” Illinois Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker is making legalizing marijuana one of his top priorities. Pritzker says he’s already been working out the details with legislators. “There’s an opportunity for us to be the first state in the Midwest to make it available, and so I […]

Losing the greatest

The following headline is a sad reminder of inexorable, inevitable reality: For first time, Pearl Harbor remembrance takes place without a single USS Arizona survivor present  Along with the recent death of George H.W. Bush, it’s another reminder that we are rapidly losing the last of the World War II generation. My parents’ generation, and all […]