By now you may have heard about President Trump awarding Miriam Adelson the Medal of Freedom. “A medical doctor, Miriam has dedicated her life to fighting addiction, something we’re all becoming all too familiar with,” Trump said at one point. The president’s brother Fred died young because of his alcoholism. Maybe the President also had […]

A Note To Republicans

Representative Jim McGovern of Massachusetts who will soon become the Chairman of the House Rules Committee had this to say. “This just seems like common-sense stuff,” McGovern said. “Especially on the issue of medical marijuana — people who are opposed to that are just on the wrong side of public opinion, overwhelmingly. It’d be nice […]

Right Wing Conspiracy

The allegations of vote fraud in Florida and Arizona are nothing but a right wing conspiracy theory. Chelsey Marie Smith is of a different opinion.

Toxic Rhetoric

( About 7 1/2 minutes )

JB Talks About His Plans

Governor-elect @JBPritzker wants to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois almost immediately after being sworn in next year. He also said he will look at vacating arrest records for those who have been convicted of crimes involving marijuana. — FOX 32 News (@fox32news) November 7, 2018 Notice the funny smirk on his face when […]

A Dead Pimp

I thought this was some clever wording. And true.     Consider this: a dead pimp running as a Trump Republican in Nevada won. Ouch.     It is little things like that which brighten otherwise dark days.

Republican political cluelessness versus Democrat political savvy

Where it comes to the war on drugs — especially marijuana — it seems that Republicans just don’t understand. (Read it and, if you’re a Republican, weep.) For the mega-umpteenth time, I think the R’s need to back off from issues involving Americans’ personal freedoms Laura Ingraham (carrying on at Fox as I write this) […]

I Voted

And just as I had planned. Straight Republican except for (D) Pritzker for Governor because legalizing recreational cannabis is a priority for him. The legislature is already working on a bill. First off, the State needs the money. Second – reducing the size of the police forces is a necessity. The State is broke. I’m […]

Mexico Legalizes Pot

The Mexican Supreme Court has struck down cannabis prohibition. The move comes as the nation’s incoming presidential administration has been considering legalization. Earlier this month, designated members of President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s future cabinet discussed legalizing cannabis with Canadian government officials on a trip to that county, which ended prohibition of the drug this […]