I wrote something about Texas liking Space-Time. So I thought it was time to go into more detail. I was lucky enough to learn this in high school thanks to my Physics teacher, Roy Bush. He taught pilots physics in WW2. Although the Higgs Field and Gluons had not been postulated yet. ( About 10 […]

The DEA and The Drug Cartels Own Trump

Our oh so slightly esteemed President Trump was at the UN yesterday drumming up support for the Global Drug War. Countries that signed the “Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem” were promised an invitation for their leader to attend a kick-off event with Mr. Trump in New York. The statement was not […]

Is Mitt Romney Still Running For President?

( About 1 minute ) That was Mitt Romney in 2007. I now wish to introduce you to the new and slightly improved Mitt Romney. Mitt Now favors moving cannabis off schedule one so more research can be done. Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Jenny Wilson told The Salt Lake Tribune that reclassification of marijuana […]

Texas Likes Space-Time

( Starts at the 50 second mark ) He said, “Space-Time makes miracles.” I hope so.

Seven Years Too Early

Seven years ago I wrote an article for American Thinker about how the Democrats could use cannabis prohibition and their opposition to it to win the election. I was seven years too early. Better than being late. Marijuana Legalization Debated By Ohio And New Mexico Gubernatorial Candidates In Ohio, Democrat Richard Cordray said for the […]

NSFW – What Were You (Avoiding) Thinking?

Kathy in the comments suggested this rant. She thinks it might not last. Catch it while you can. ( About 6 1/2 minutes )

Does The CIA Now Own Trump?

Those of you not familiar with the Deep State might want to read a book: The Politics of Heroin – pdf. Or you could visit here for a historical overview. It is my opinion that China’s export of fentanyl to us is payback for 200 or 300 years of opium wars waged against them. And […]

Freedom of speech bites the dust

Are we no longer allowed to freely say what we think? Not, apparently, if we know people who might be appointed to the Supreme Court. I feel sorry for Mark Judge. He spoke his mind in a variety of contexts, and it’s looking as if he’s the real reason that the Kavanaugh nomination is in trouble. And while I […]

Bringing A Little Light To The World™ – Update 1

You may recall I started work on my FlashLight about 6 years ago. You can read about it at Voodoo Flashlight and also at Bringing A Little Light To The World™. You can also read about the Fast Pitch I did at Emergency FlashLight™. So how are things progressing? Well Hurricane Florence has convinced me […]


( About 11 1/2 minutes ) There are a LOT of allied WW2 movies that will need to be revised. And I guess you won’t be able to say OK anymore. OK? And just for your information waving at some one is a secret Nazi salute. I have even seen Democrats do it. Nazis are […]

Making Decisions

( Starts at 11:29 ) This attracted me because I was trained to make decisions. And it was on the job training. The best kind. I got to make decisions and see the result. The Decision making stuff doesn’t start until about 22:30 into the video. But you have to watch the intro (and I […]

The Violence Will Have An Effect

( About 8 1/2 minutes ) The video is from June of 2017. You can find his more recent videos on YouTube. He notes that the Far Left “Anything Goes” mentality is pissing off a lot of Blacks. The Democrat Party used to have a conservative wing. That is now gone. I do believe Nixon’s […]

We Know What Is Good For You

“We know what is best for you and we will force you to do it”, is the cry of totalitarians every where. ( About 11 1/2 minutes ) The video all this noise is being made about can be found at Breitbart. It is pretty damning. It sure looks like Google is an arm of […]

Don’t forget!

Trump Is Being Destroyed By His Terrible Ideas

The video points out that the left was once in the vanguard about doing something about labor conditions in China. Trump (who is no Republican) is actually doing something and our “left” is up in arms and in effect supports Chinese practices. It gets better. It is absolutely brilliant to have a Black guy supporting […]

No Core Ideology

( About 7 1/2 minutes) So what do I expect out of all this? This close to the election all rationality goes away. I’m looking at Breitbart and the comments have degenerated into total invective. Before Labor Day I’d say about 50% tried to make a point or discuss one. That is now down to […]

Pregnant pause?

These days, I don’t follow politics as I perhaps should. Too busy with other stuff. However, earlier today I read something that made me chuckle. In yesterday’s hearing, California Senator Kamala Harris put Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on the spot by asking him whether there were any laws giving the government power to make […]

Absolutely Brilliant

Barstool Sports Founder on Nike Kaepernick Ad: ‘As a Shareholder, I Like the Move’       It is absolutely brilliant to have a Black guy supporting slave labor.      

Working Against Trump

( About 4 minutes for the good stuff. Automatically starts at 19:50. ) The original source is “Inside The Trump Administration’s Secret War On Weed”. Update: 7 September 2018 0938z I forgot to add in this little clue. Rod Rosenstein supports the Drug War according to what he says in the New York Times.

A Very Risky Strategy

You might be asking why are Nike and Levi Strauss going left? Nike with its “protest the national anthem” move and Levi Strauss with its push towards gun control. It is a wonder. Why alienate a very large fraction of your customer base? It makes no sense. Unless you consider supply chains. And this feller […]