( About 17 minutes ) South Africa will be getting the Social Justice it deserves. Starvation.


I was rambling around the ‘net and found this science experiment. ( About 14 1/2 minutes )


To all those folks cheering on the current wave of banning ideas and people you don’t like – what happens when they ban you? And it is not just words and video. The Corporate Interests intend to make people they don’t like Financial Non-Persons. The practice has already started. 1984 was intended as a novel. […]

All Socialists Everywhere

    Our ideas are so bad we need men with guns to enforce them.     Socialism. It is not just for Democrats any more.

Well Isn’t This Special

I really admired what Trump said about the Drug War almost 30 years ago. I thought it took a lot of guts to say what he did back then. (emphasis added) In a speech delivered at the Miami Herald’s Company of the Year Awards luncheon [April 1990], Donald Trump condemned the “war on drugs” as […]

How To Become A Non-Person

( About 11 1/2inutes ) The corporate media is panicking. They need to do something about the competition. And Big Tech wants to help. These are not new battles. They happen every time a new technology threatens the incumbents. Edison vs Tesla is a classic example. It is not primarily about politics. Which they don’t […]

A Libertarian Speaks

( About 11 minutes )

The Democrats Embrace Jim Crow – Again

( About 31 minutes )   The punch line comes at about 10 minutes in. It helps to watch the run up to get the full flavor. The short version if you don’t care to watch? Identity politics is a dead end because it requires human enemies. And ultimately the various identities have competing ideas. […]

#Walking Away

There are lots of these videos on YouTube. You can find more at #WalkAway. ( About 5 minutes ) I had my #WalkAway in 1980 when it came out that the Communists in Vietnam didn’t just kill 3,000 of their opponents as John Kerry had promised in his Senate testimony, but over 100,000. And of […]

The Chinese Soybean Market

I’m not much of a market watcher. Even less so a commodities follower. But I found this description of the Chinese soybean market from some one who follows Chinese news closely, very interesting. The Chinese NEED soybeans. So what do tariffs mean? Chinese food prices will be going up. This is not good for the […]

All The Right Wing Psychologists

This video, which is quite interesting, is about seven minutes long. The best part is the punchline at the end. But you have to watch the whole video to get the maximum effect. Enjoy. ( About 7 minutes )

Union vs Division

( About 14 minutes – starts around the 8:45 mark ) This is the clearest explanation of Trump’s politics I have seen. He is uniting people around economics instead of dividing them by identity or class. Politics is won by addition. And depressing the opposition. As you know I’m quite optimistic about November. We shall […]

Hitler’s American Model

I came across a book Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law that has some interesting reviews. Here is one from OSU. In this book, Whitman examines not only the development of the Nazis’ Nuremburg Laws, but demonstrates that Nazi lawmakers used the miscegenation and segregation regimes, especially those […]

The High-water Mark

A quote from my old buddy (he said something nice to me in an e-mail once – he might have been sarcastic) Hunter S. Thompson. “…. that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There […]

QAnon Down

When I go to the Q site https://qanon.pub/, I get this message: Other people have noticed QAnon is offline as well. This is still a good url: https://qposts.online/. As is this one https://qmap.pub/. If this is a true take down I expect QSites to start multiplying. Update: 8 August 2018 2239z The site is back. […]

Low Ceiling

( About 11 1/2 minutes ) To get a taste of the really good stuff start in at about 9:30 and go to the end. However, the whole thing is worth a watch if you have the time.

The Deep State Speaks

( About 4 1/2 minutes ) All this is old news for those of you who have read here regularly. It is still good to get corroboration. William Cooper wrote “Behold a Pale Horse”, published in 1991, which detailed what our government has been up to. The book also has UFO stuff. Which probably kept […]

The Desire To Have It All

This video discusses the trends in 2014. They are a little different today. The Trump economy has had one very good quarter. Wages are rising in some spots (not enough to affect the aggregates). If we get a second quarter of good growth – the numbers will be coming out in October – I expect […]

The Walls Have Been Closing In For A While

Despite the walls closing in, Trump has not been crushed. I wonder why? ( About 2 1/2 minutes )

Space and Time

( About 13 minutes ) You might also want to visit Space-Time Productions where I write about my interactions with practical electromagnetism. A good rule of thumb is that a light wave travels one foot in one nanosecond in free space. Down wires (electromagnetism) it is about 6 to 8 inches in a nanosecond. You […]