Pathogens And Politics

( About 5 1/2 minutes ) Mentioned in the video: PLOS One – Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism

All Miracles Almost All The Time

The miracles happen near the end. ( About 13 1/2 minutes )

Historical Knowledge Or Moral Character

The goal of the Marxists is to destroy the culture from within to put themselves in power. What they forget is that inner weakness invites external attack. Which means some one else will ultimately hold power. Or as the saying goes, “A revolution eats its own.” ( About 3 minutes )

I Have Been Saying That For Over A Decade

I have the video set up to start at roughly the 13 minute mark. You need only watch it for about a minute to get the point.

We Should Starve Them At Their Source

What to do about post-modernism (does post-modernism mean pre-agricultural?). Here is a link to New Real Peer Review.

Crazy Women

From the video: “There is nothing more dangerous than a weak man”. And the corollary to that is: “There is nothing more dangerous than a crazy woman.” We now have a collaboration of the two. It will be fatal. === Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia also make the point about men keeping civilization (the electricity, […]


The purpose of the Legislature is to make criminals. When that exceeds rationality they run short of funds. We have more laws than we have money to enforce. What a surprise.

That Reminds Me

Angel Albert used to frequent my living room in Bezerkely back in the late 60s. He was waiting for G.G. Witch to get home. She lived a few blocks away. ( About 7 minutes )

The Patriarchy Is Not Going Away

( About 11 minutes ) 300 million years of evolution will not be erased by a social campaign. You want to fix things? You must pay the one thing that most people are very unwilling to pay. Attention. ( About 18 minutes )