Thanks to popular hysteria, a fringe loon will soon become a senator

Roy Moore is going to win the election, not in spite of alleged sex scandals, but because of them. …the Democrats’ own sexual scandals have helped Moore. It’s not obvious they would. If the Democrats had condemned their own members promptly and forthrightly, when the evidence against them was compelling, then the party could stand […]

I Have Been Busy

With nanoseconds and nanovolts and picoamps. And funny enough I’m doing chemistry. Potentiostat chemistry. In that regard the design shown here is excellent. You can have a quick look at the schematic at this link.

“a crime against nature, an inherent evil, and an act so heinous that it defies one’s ability to describe it”

That’s what Roy Moore thinks about consensual homosexual conduct. Normally, the nutcase views of such a ridiculous person would not matter. The problem is that this loon is running for the United States Senate, and he might very well be elected. I hardly ever blog anymore, but not long ago I raised myself out of […]

Donna Brazile – Conspiracy Theorist?

Donna Brazile Says She “Feared For Her Life” After Seth Rich Was Killed.

Bush Was In Dallas On 22 Nov. 1963

( About 20 minutes ) A LOT of speculation and a few facts. One of the facts is that Bush was in Dallas on 22 Nov. 1963. So at least one fact in this video is confirmed. BTW Stone was 11 on 22 Nov. 1963. How could he get that wrong? Here is the photo […]

Communist Economic Theory

There is none.

Endocannabinoid Deficiency as a Cause of Alzheimer’s

A report has come out that Endocannabinoid Deficiency is likely a cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. In America we spend $200 billion a year on the disease. If cannabis can help, a LOT of people will be looking for a paycheck elsewhere. That is bad for business. In the short term. A-beta, a substance suspected as […]

TSA – Cannabis Is Legal

Well, well. This is a surprise. Trays for your belongings at the Ontario airport say Cannabis is legal.

This Bud Is For You

Check this one out at 25 seconds in. ( 30 seconds )       And this one celebrating the end of Prohibition. ( 30 seconds )     It makes you wonder what they might be selling in the future. This “bud” is for you.

Not with my nerve endings you don’t!

Photo taken yesterday.

Unverified Reports

This site has an unverified report on the Las Vegas shooter’s accomplice. A little flavor is in order: A key eyewitness in the Las Vegas mass shooting committed suicide and killed his daughter shortly after the FBI raided his home. John Beilman was wanted by federal agents in connection to a communications device discovered in […]