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This video is about how moral panics work. It is a very short history of moral panics.

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Here is the memo that triggered (heh) the current panic among the SJWs (Social Justice Warriors). Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.

A discussion of the memo can be found at Zero Hedge. Silicon Valley “Outraged” After Google Employee Pens Viral Doc Slamming “Anti-Conservative” Culture

The Futurist predicted the end of SJWs by 2020. He predicted it in 2010 in a post called The Misandry Bubble. He correctly identified it as a bubble and like all bubbles he knew it would collapse. We are seeing the bubble being pricked. Although we got hints of it in the common term “snowflake”.

The Futurist did a follow up post in mid 2012 called A First Quarter Poll on The Misandry Bubble.

And finally a very long video (over an hour) made in March of 2016 entitled “Why Feminists Hate Men: What They Won’t Tell You!”

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Update: 8 August 2017 0510z

The guy who wrote the Google memo has been fired. With this explanation from Google.

… So to be clear again, many points raised in the memo — such as the portions criticizing Google’s trainings, questioning the role of ideology in the workplace, and debating whether programs for women and underserved groups are sufficiently open to all — are important topics. The author had a right to express their views on those topics — we encourage an environment in which people can do this and it remains our policy to not take action against anyone for prompting these discussions.

So Google favors diversity and dissent and will take no action against those expressing such views and will fire a person for expressing them.


I suspect that very soon there will be lawyers involved.

Update: 8 August 2017 0958z

Psychologists Claim Google Viewpoint Diversity Manifesto Is Scientifically Accurate


Stefan Molyneux discusses the science – video

Update: 9 August 2017 0839z

A very thoughtful look at gender differences. –> “Google Rushed To Fire Damore So Fast, They Didn’t Stop To Think How Full Of S**t They Are”


Fired Employee Speaks Out! – James Damore and Stefan Molyneux – video