Clinton Is Losing The Anti-Prohibition Voters

According to Breitbart Chelsea Clinton has stepped in it. Big Time. In a campaign appearance Saturday in Youngstown, Ohio Chelsea Clinton suggested that marijuana has the ability to kill. During her speech, Clinton said, “We also have anecdotal now from Colorado, where some of the people who were taking marijuana for those purposes, the coroner […]

I Entered

I entered the Flash-Light™ in the competition. I didn’t win, place or show. But quite a few people liked the idea. I also met some people who may be interested in my help with electronics design. The light was originally featured here at Classical Values in July of 2012. You can see videos of the […]

Oppressed and exploited

I have built a delta robot which does not yet do exactly what I want it to do and exactly when I want it. I’m thinking about the work ethic here. George Washington opposed slavery because he thought it destroyed the work ethic, while here I am madly focused on a thing which would make things for me […]

How about a humane alternative?

That last post (and perhaps some of the comments to it), reminded me of a interesting possible new use for a fairly well known product. A can of this stuff could fairly easily be rigged up between a car’s radiator and grill, and with the trigger linked to an ordinary choke cable (or other similar device), […]

Will they leave anyone alone?

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s professional demonstrators. My antipathy goes back to the 1990s, when I was a target of their wrath. I know the mindset of these people and I understand their tactics so well that they trigger very unpleasant feelings of nostalgia. This week’s news has been dominated by the same people, […]

Republicans Are Coming Around

Evidently Republicans are changing their tune. YouGov’s latest research shows that most Americans still support legalization of marijuana, and that support for legalization has increased slightly, from 52% in December 2015 to 55% today. Most of this change is a result of changing attitudes among Republicans. In fact, for the first time, Republicans narrowly tend […]

Even An Ophthalmologist Can See It

Rand Paul says Hillary is sick. “Her losing consciousness, there, which by all appearances she did lose consciousness, is not something commonly associated with pneumonia.”

Children Get Older

Some election music with violins. Stevie Nicks – Landslide.

Translated From The Russian

For those of you not familiar with MEMRI here is a link to MEMRI.


What Bill leaves out is the 5 point (roughly) bias in favor of Democrats that most polls have until it gets close to election day.

Uncontrollable Fits Of Anger

A Secret Service agent described Hillary’s private behavior as “uncontrollable fits of anger”. That is a symptom of PTSD. What other leader in recent history had the problem? Adolph Hitler. And we have a pretty good clue as to the causes for Hitler. His father who beat him and his experiences in the trenches of […]

The Liberal Disease

liberals are more involved in earnest attempts to erode freedom and promote class warfare And that is the reason libertarians are not Republicans. Both parties have the disease. Democrats are worse. But that does not mean Republicans are a LOT better. A majority of Republicans and especially those in government think making war on 10% […]


I just came across a crank site that claims Hillary is dead and she now is being represented by a body double. Can the “double” do her voice? Do the voice prints match? The ‘net is an interesting place. And reality is what we agree it is. The lack of agreement lately leaves an opening […]

Les Deplorables

This is a WSJ video. So the discussion is rational. But the resents that are being discussed are real and palatable.

Hillary Falling

This is Hillary’s 9/11 moment. The text in the video is a bit overwrought, but I think it will sink Hillary. She seems to be fading faster these days. And the general thought seems to be that she has Parkinson’s disease. Funny enough cannabis might help.

Does Any One Know…?

Does anyone know where batteries come from? Bats. Or more correctly Batts.

Going The Way Of Little Green Footballs

A commenter at Zero Hedge said: For fuck sake, can anyone on this alleged financial website even read a balance sheet anymore? This is going the way of Little Green Footballs a decade ago. I used to be a top commenter at LGF. Got front paged frequently. And then…. Zero Hedge used to be loaded […]

Finnegan’s Wake

I needed some cheering up. I have been in the depression phase of my mother’s passing for a week now. My sense of smell is attenuated so food has little taste. Nothing “important” seems important. And all the rest. Being an old sailor I especially liked the phrase, “The liquor scuppered over Tim.” Here is […]


And I’m not even an ‘Iggins.

Why bother to remember?

A piece of steel brought here from New York serves as a local reminder. Thousands of lost lives — to say nothing of lost liberties. As Ronald Bailey puts it: …the costs of 9/11 to our liberties are incalculable. Instead of calming and urging us to defend our values, our leaders opted to instill fear and […]