Sign Of The Times – Venezuela

Efficient Spending

Trump is doing nicely in some polls without spending a dime on campaign advertising. Hillary is spending a lot and despite that Trump remains within striking distance even if you trust the poll averages. I don’t trust them. Why? Spending money on campaign ads for the general election in the summertime is mostly a waste […]

Paul Simon Retires

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Keep Your Farming Implements Sharp

You will be needing tools to take on the tools. If we don’t do something to fix the glaring inequities in this economy, the pitchforks are going to come for us. No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality. In fact, there is no example in human history where wealth accumulated like this and […]


There has been quite a little talk lately about people putting poles in polls. Pollsters adjusting their polls to get the results they want. There is also another effect in play. In the hundreds upon hundreds of letters I received when I last spoke on th[e] subject [of immigration] two or three months ago, there […]

The NRA Supports Trump

The ad is narrated by Benghazi survivor Mark “Oz” Geist, USMC (ret.).

Make No Messaging Mistake – Target Whites

It seems that the Orlando club clearance project has created some confusion in the minds of the general public. Al Qaeda aims to rectify that. Lone wolf jihadists should target white Americans so no one mistakes their terror attacks for hate crimes unrelated to the cause of radical Islam, Al Qaeda writes in the latest […]


Earlier I had an interesting discussion of the gun issue with a friend, who asked me point blank (!) — “What do you need a weapon like that for?” Meaning, in her mind, a “weapon of war.” (She was referring to AR-15 type guns and all other similar “assault” type rifles.) Never mind how many […]

Risking Rewards

Is the Brexit a sign of the resurgence of British culture? Spengler thinks it might be. Along with all the pundits, I underestimated the British–a common enough error, which puts me in the distinguished company of the whole of the mainstream media, the vast majority of hedge funds, not to mention Philip II of Spain, […]

They Have Been Remaindered

Ah. The wailing and gnashing of teeth by the political classes is music to my ears. It’s not the economy, the price of gas, or war in the Middle East that has working- and middle-class people from Bangor, Maine to Bangor, Wales mad as hell. It’s immigration. They’re fed up being forced to accept unlimited […]

Will Won’t

George Will has decided to teach the peasants (Trump supporters) a lesson. He has quit the Republican Party. Conservative columnist George Will told PJM he has officially left the Republican Party and urged conservatives not to support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump even if it leads to a Democratic victory in the 2016 presidential election. […]

She Favors Disarming Citizens

The Voters Will Have To Decide

Can you believe Obama actually said that? Well he didn’t actually say that. But that was the headline. Defiant in the face of a Supreme Court rebuke, President Obama warned Thursday that immigration reform is at stake in the November election and called on Americans to reject Donald Trump’s “fantasy” approach to the contentious issue. […]

A Bad Guy Without A Gun

An NBC producer praised the attempted assassination of Donald Trump. An associate producer for NBCUniversal, Inc. declared that the illegal alien “hoping to assassinate Donald Trump is a good guy with a gun” on Twitter Tuesday. “It could be argued that the dude who was hoping to assassinate Donald Trump is a good guy with […]

Not to worry!

America’s greatest newspaper says everything will be all right!  

Today’s Meditation

Californicatiion – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Orlando Shooter – Trump Must Be Stopped

The Muslim shooter who killed 49 gays in Orlando said that Trump must be stopped. So he was supporting Hillary. Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen supported presumptive Democratic nominee for president Hillary Rodham Clinton because he opposed the presidential candidacy of presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump. Mateen’s friend Mohammed Malik revealed Mateen’s support for Hillary […]

They Are Going To Guccify Her

Guccifer 2.0 has just done another massive dump of documents on Hillary’s home computer. This’s time to keep my word and here’re the docs I promised you. It’s not a report in one file, it’s a big folder of docs devoted to Hillary Clinton that I found on the DNC server. The DNC collected all […]

ISIS has philosophical allies

And some of them claim to be Christians. Like California Pastor Roger Jimenez: One of the things that Americans tend to forget is that there is a right to hate people, and that what is called hate speech is a constitutionally protected right. Unlike some of his Islamic fellow travelers, I doubt very much that […]