I have an interest in Aleister Crowley. An agent of MI6. Doing some searching, I came across this list. Which led me to this post: Is Conspiracy Theory the True Road to Enlightenment?

What good does it do to know all this? Someday the corruption inside this network is going to be exposed because someone on the inside is going to make a serious run at the oligarchy, like the one Major General Smedley Butler attempted when he was asked to become dictator and storm the White House during FDR’s new deal. Back then, Butler’s evidence of the oligarchy and their crimes was kept hidden by Congress instead of being handed over to the American people. Next time a Smedley Butler emerges, we must be ready to protect and preserve them. We need to create an environment that welcomes them in, and not paint the entire oligarchy as some monstrous incarnation of ultimate evil, dehumanizing them in the process. I have no doubt there are more than a few psychopaths inside the top ranks of the oligarchy, but most members are just human beings who think they deserve different standards than the rest of us because of their intense power and wealth.

That was excerpted form a piece written by Steven Hager and published on September 20, 2012.

It is now April 22, 2016.

Is the insider hoped for Donald Trump? We shall see. So far he is the only candidate who has had any kind of disparaging word for the Saudis. I’ll believe he is for real if he attacks Drug Prohibition.