Tin Whistle posts:

Conspiracy theory is 99% noise/disinfo and 1% honest investigations. More than anything, it involves avoiding the obvious rabbit holes, like chemtrails and “we never landed on the moon.” These rabbit holes are the chaff and flares ejected from a jet to fool any heat-seeking missiles on its tail. Real researchers are the missiles and the jet, well, the jet’s are the real story researchers are seeking to uncover. An if there weren’t real conspiracies, there wouldn’t be a need for creating all these false trails to nowhere you see on TV.

Separating the wheat from the chaff in a world full of signals is always a difficult effort. The prey uses all kinds of camouflage, the hunter uses filters and correlation. Watch for a movement that doesn’t fit.

As I said in The Ineptness Of Our Overlords:

The thing that is clear to our overlords is that I have no secrets in the Internet Age. What is not yet clear to them is that neither do they. Any action on the secrets they hold is a reveal. So their knowledge is of limited value or useless. Counterproductive even.

Of what use is a self destruct button? I’m not a Christian. At all. But the best advice I can give them is, “Go in peace.” If you need to own something try owning yourself. Because that is an infinitely harder job than owning a civilization. And infinitely more worthwhile.