I have major problems with today’s political spectrum.

One, I don’t believe in restricting economic freedom. I especially hate socialism. This means I hate the views of the Democratic Party.

Two, I hate other forms of restrictions on personal freedom. The latter includes not only sexual freedom, but the right to use one’s body as one pleases. Meaning the ingestion of whatever substances one might want to ingest (even for admittedly harmful purposes), the right to commit suicide, to sell one’s body (or bodily functions), etc. This means I hate the politics of both major parties because restricting sex, drugs, pleasure is a major part of what they’re about. Sure the left plays a bogus game of saying they’re for freedom, but the biggest enemies of sexual freedom today (especially on college campuses) are Democrats.

Three, I do not believe that religious opinions are any more worthy of respect than secular opinions. I think religion, like sex, ought to be a matter of personal autonomy, and I would of course defend anyone’s right to have and hold his or her views. But I also would defend my right not to have or hold the views of others, and it creeps me out to see people demanding that I respect views I do not respect. An opinion I do not respect is no more worthy of respect because it is grounded in religion than is any other opinion, and anyone who tells me that it is I distrust. And, just as I have the right to disagree with the nutcase view that socialism can be made to work, I also have the right to disagree with the nutcase view that evolution did not occur, and/or that the earth is 10,000 years old. Similarly, I have just as much right to disagree with the nutcase idea that if I am not hysterical about global warming I am “part of the problem” and no better than a Holocaust Denier.

In short, I am tired of this creepy feeling that I should tiptoe around, lest my disagreements with nutcases “offend” the nutcases.

What worries me is this. I avoid people of both parties who are so hypersensitive that they require a kid-gloves approach. People who are so insecure as to require trigger warnings or the equivalent are too much trouble. So are nutcases who go bonkers over having their nutcase beliefs so much as questioned.

I hate to say something this silly, but I hope we’re not headed for civil war.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit for the link, and a warm welcome to all!