We have hordes of socons bemoaning the gay marriage ruling of he Supreme Court. Where did this country go wrong? I wrote the following in response to this commenter who was decrying the fact that the Government was no longer following God’s law and was allowing abnormal behavior. I replied:

If it is abnormal behavior shouldn’t it be punished? I think stoning to death is appropriate. Too bad we no longer adhere to the correct religious principles.

Well OK. Stoning may be too harsh. How about jail?

Well OK. No jail. Next thing you know they will think they are just like regular people and will want to marry.


You fools lost the argument long ago. Give it up.


Reason magazine has an article up on just where the argument was lost. How Liquor Licenses Sparked the Stonewall Riots.


Another commenter said it was like we were drag racing toward Gomorrah.

And I said: I want a faster car.

Fortunately Eric has posted a video of the kind of car I’m looking for. And if you watch the video closely you will see two guys kissing. The horror.