Brewing Sex Scandal

Libertarian Republican has it. It ties in a crook from Omaha (Lawrence, “Larry”, King), The Franklin Community Federal Credit Union scandal, a pedophile ring in Omaha and DC, Dennis Hastert, and Boy’s Town in Omaha. I have left numerous comments at the LR link (above). But one that might pique some interest is (slightly revised […]

Children need to learn that all people are the same!

While it’s raining and only 50 degrees here in Ann Arbor, the fact is for many parents, it’s summer camp season. And thanks to the Internet, I just learned about a wonderful option! Summer camp in North Korea! The Songdowon International Children’s Camp in Wonsan is supposed to help young foreigners (especially from Communist countries) […]

Nuclear Stike On Yemen?

The so called ( by this site ) proton “sparks” seen in the video are probably bomb casing bits on fire. They are delayed too long to be protons from a nuclear blast. You can also read about it at Pravda where I got the video. Pravda means truth. Which probably means it is all […]

Life in prison?

Back in the day, life in prison was a sentence handed out to murderers, rapists, and repeat violent offenders. Today, life in prison is seen as a perfectly appropriate sentence for putting together willing buyers and willing sellers of certain drugs– a malum prohibitum crime in which there are no victims. Unless, of course, you […]

The Oil Wars

I suggested that A. Jacksonian of Oil Outlook fame have a look at this article on the near term future of oil. US Oil is back in the money – OPEC is not. He was kind enough to leave a reply. Which you might like. It could be aptly titled The Middle East Is Screwed.

The Root Of All Evil

The desire for power is the root of all Evil. And that is as true of God’s people as it is of the Devil’s. From some commentary of mine at A Moby in the ‘Manosphere’?

Sex Is A Weapon

It turns out that we have confirmation of my thesis from 2007 that porn is a very good weapon to use against Islam. Muslims Hate Us For Our Sexual Attitudes, Not Our Foreign Policy – which is a discussion of a paper by a gay guy. Islam LOVES killing gays. My earlier work on the […]

EPA Buys Public Support

As reported by the New York Times. That is a surprise. The New York Times I mean.

Breast Feed

The full story about Titsare. And then there is: Woman who helped launch the current uproar over sexism in tech is sorry. I think I probably ought to add that not near enough men are having babies and something should be done. And just for the eye candy:

Good Government Is Not Enough

Bad government is despised. Good government is loved. The best government is unnoticed. “When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists. Next best is a leader who is loved. Next, one who is feared. The worst is one who is despised. If you don’t trust people, you make them untrustworthy. The […]

In debt.

    Something worth remembering on Memorial Day.

Can Bitcoin fight socialism?

I do not own or seek to own Bitcoins. Something about the idea of harvesting and selling unique, computer-generated numbers strikes me as silly. That this medium of exchange is intrinsically worthless, volatile, and shows all the signs of being a bubble also does little to endear me to it. However, earlier I was reading […]

The Right To Own Slaves

“With regard to the idea of whether or not you have a right to healthcare, you have to realize what that implies….I’m a physician, that means you have a right to come to my house and conscript me, it means you believe in slavery. It means you’re going to enslave not only me, but the […]

Police In The US Now Rival Criminals

According to Paul Craig Roberts, a former editor of the Wall Street Journal and former assistant secretary to the treasury under Ronald Reagan, “Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists as the greatest threat to the American public.” “This has been going on for forty years. These corruptions are emerging all over […]

Prodigal Toys Of The Sun

From “Eskimo Blue Day” – the second song. Jefferson Airplane.

Is gay marriage destroying Christianity?

Phyllis Schlafly is convinced that the goal of gay marriage is to destroy Christianity. Long-time conservative activist, nationally syndicated columnist, and best-selling author Phyllis Schlafly said that gay marriage advocates are targeting Christian businesses, such as bakeries and wedding planners, and not targeting similar Muslim businesses because the ultimate goal of homosexual marriage is to […]

The Socialist Roots Of….

Ed Driscoll is discussing the socialist roots of Fascism and how Communists in America followed the Soviet Party line. Ed notes a bit by Ann Coulter entitled “From meth cook to Hitler apologist.” Which prompted me to leave a comment about Republicans in America following the Communist Party Line. ============== Meth cookery is because we […]

We – The Deserving

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example […]

Romanticizing The Past

“It is depressing to think how the government has become the enemy of the people rather then it’s representative. We have our politicians to thank for that.” That is romanticizing the past. No government has ever been representative of the people. That is snake oil sold for votes. Political people – hell, people in general […]

I think I’d like to be embalmed (preferably after I’m dead)

The prospect of being buried alive has long terrified people. So much so that provisions have been placed in wills requiring waiting periods, entombment in unlocked crypts, etc. Some inventor actually applied for a patent for what was called a “device for indicating life in buried persons.” The buried person simply needed to rotate a […]