Tesla Is Selling Batteries

Tesla Motors plans to announce that it has solved the biggest problem with alternative energy. Energy Storage. Elon Musk hinted about an announcement for a new product line for renewable energy storage last week, suddenly, that dream became a step closer to becoming reality. “It signals that the storage market is at a point where […]

St. Stephen and other stuff

There hasn’t been any music here for a while. Here is some.     Another version recorded at Playboy. Added 3 May 2015 0553z. Yet another version.

Is all crime now FEDERAL?

The shooting of a black man in Detroit by federal agents is attracting more and more local attention. DETROIT, MI — Kevin Kellom of Detroit was at the Wayne County morgue Tuesday afternoon taking care of formalities. The body of 20-year-old Terrance Kellom, his son, was inside. Police are saying little about what led to […]

Bruce Jenner’s shocking and outrageous revelation

As he was to many in my generation, Bruce Jenner was an icon in my youth. So it’s not surprising that his recent announcement — that he is a woman — has taken the Internet by storm. Obviously, the idea of a star Olympic athlete changing his sex is shocking and titillating. But if you […]

A Changed Mind

An old friend came to town to visit and we had a wonderful time together. What was interesting was her change in attitude towards cannabis. She was never one of those “lock them up and throw away the key” type people. But she was one of those “stay away from that dangerous stuff” types. This […]


Things have reached the point where I am sick to death of the Internet, much as I depend upon it for communications and news. The main reason is spammy suckass websites which promote, condone, allow, are paid to allow, the damnable, detestable audio and video advertising that will AUTOPLAY. I hate intrusive noise, and I avoid […]

I’m Beginning To Like This Guy

Well, I always liked Rand Paul’s “End The Drug War” policy. I’m liking his foreign policy as well. As to Assad. Yes. He is an ally of Iran. But if he goes down the Sunnis in the opposition are going to murder a LOT of people who belong to the wrong religion.

Old people having sex! God(dess[es]) forbid!

While I know I’ve been complaining for years about the prohibition of drunken sex, there is now a new wrinkle. People with Alzheimer’s Disease are now being treated like people on alcohol or drugs. Meaning (of course) that no sex is allowed: The nursing home staff caring for Rayhons’ wife, Donna Lou Rayhons, told the former […]

Ducking the issue

Police violence. Nowadays, nearly everybody is talking about it. Over the years, I’ve kvetched about SWAT team raids, the War on Drugs, Homeland Security, militarization of law enforcement, etc., etc. more times than I care to imagine. In the latest national meme, liberals are doing everything they can to conflate police violence with racism. Nice […]

A Crawling Army Of Informers

I posted my usual   Every tax, every regulation comes with it an army of bureaucrats and behind that an army (with guns) of enforcers   in a thread and got this sterling reply.     a standing army of soldiers, a kneeling army of priests and a crawling army of informers    

The law is an ass. (Especially when the ass is on camera.)

When most people hear the words “kiddie porn,” they’re thinking of innocent children being exploited and damaged for life by villainous adults. That’s the legal theory behind laws against child pornography: protecting the victims against exploitation. What is happening more and more is that these same laws are being used as a tool to punish […]

“I had been seduced by righteous eating.”

So far at least,  this sort of thing has never happened to me. There is a blurry line separating ‘normal’ healthy eating and orthorexia nervosa, but one way to define the condition is when eating ‘healthily’ causes significant distress or negative consequences in a person’s life. They may be ‘plunged into gloom’ by eating a piece […]

Being gay — a choice or not?

Why are so many people (left and right) obsessed with such a question? It should not matter to sane people. But for reasons that still escape me after many years of blogging, it absolutely does.

This may sound hard to believe…

President Barack Obama was actually interviewed by Reason’s Nick Gillespie. Seeing is believing. Wow. Just wow.