Happy New Year

To all of you who have put up with/enjoyed my rants over the past year.         HAPPY NEW YEAR        

Crime Families

I found an interesting comment. Here is the most interesting part (edited for readability): I am enjoying the latest MSNBC mini-series Pot Barons of Colorado, and look forward to Harry Smith’s end-of-year cannabis special tentatively scheduled for January 5, 2015, as well as the new CNN potumentary. However, I would like to see the New […]

Robert Bork Is A Victim

“No activity that society thinks immoral is victimless. Knowledge that an activity is taking place is a harm to those who find it profoundly immoral.” – Robert Bork He wants to put people in jail for drug “crimes” because they “trigger him” in current parlance. And people wonder where lefties get their ideas. Triggered by […]

Gulag? Not in the U.S.!

I’d call what the U.S. prison system has become under the Drug War a Gulag system, but that would be unfair. Stalin’s Gulags imprisoned fewer “offenders.”

Living, breathing, constitutional conservatism?

For some time, I have argued that there is no meaningful constitutional distinction between the War on Drugs and Obamacare. Both are overreaches of federal power. And logically, if the federal government has the power to tell citizens what substances they can and cannot possess or put in their bodies, then it has the power […]

Entropic Decline

I was discussing the decline and fall of civilizations with some folks and a commenter had this to say: djolds1 Metahistory (cyclical history theories – Spengler, Toynbee, Polybius’ Kyklos, Turchin’s Cliodynamics) has been a fascination of mine for going on 15 years. Entropy is the nature of the universe, and so everything runs down to […]

They Followed Orders

All the shootings were justified. A shorter version of the above video.

Arrest Record

The kids are getting arrested. Nearly half of black males and almost 40 percent of white males in the U.S. are arrested by age 23, which can hurt their ability to find work, go to school and participate fully in their communities. My guess is that the vast majority of these arrests is for prohibition […]

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope it was a good one! I just noticed that the Oscar (in the tank behind the tree) is trying to get into the act. What a ham.

One Of These Guys Is A Scientist

“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” — Albert Einstein “The models are skillful when it comes to the 20th-century trends over the decades… I could go through a dozen more examples… And we can get a good match to the data… Models are not right […]

We Don’t Know Enough Yet

I came across this comment at The Guardian about the Antonio Martin shooting: You can watch the video and the story Mr. Tomkens is commenting on here. Beep Tomkens First, the video is so far away I only see a police car pull in and a number of people walking over to the Police car. […]

The inexcusable violence of trigger warnings

While waiting at a traffic light the other day, I saw a bumper sticker which challenged my sense of logic: THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN! Because I like to understand things, I was immediately confused. What does that slogan mean? The more I wondered, the more confused I became. I mean, from […]

The Kids Are Starting To Notice The Police State

I was scrolling around YouTube and came across this video of a young woman who came in contact with an off duty minion of the state. We no longer have public servants. We have enforcers. This comment from Reason.com fairly illustrates the attitude people have or are developing towards the enforcers. You don’t understand. Being […]

What Would You Call A Place Like That?

I submit that the mayor of New York cannot govern the city without the support of the police. I’d call it a police state.

The Bots Are Coming

Unless Absolutely Necessary

In the wake of the murder of two police enforcers in New York the NY police union advises: …a union-generated message at the 35,000-officer NYPD warned officers that they should respond to every radio call with two cars — “no matter what the opinion of the patrol supervisor” — and not make arrests “unless absolutely […]

They Wanted A War On….

Killing of NYPD officers: Retaliation for Michael Brown, Eric Garner? Or maybe it is revenge for the depredations of Prohibition. Rand Paul: Drug war targets minorities End Prohibition you Fools. And a little history lesson: For protecting them, by a mock Trial from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of […]

Rape Video

Some commentary: Woman falsely accuses man of rape, and man captures it on video Rape is the new black I got the video from: INSANITY: Woman falsely accuses man of rape – but he records it all on video! And this comment was what got me started, Good one on campus rape courts: Kangaroo Campus […]

Liar Liar, Truther Truther!

Driving While Black – A Moral Dilemma

The moral dilemma is mentioned at about 20:45 in. What to do when stopped by the police is at 28:35 in. Here is the article mentioned in the video Green Handcuffs. The War on Marijuana in Black and White: Billions of Dollars Wasted on Racially Biased Arrests marijuana-arrests.com/ LeShea Agnew on Facebook The Law Offices […]