Happy Halloween Everyone

The spooks are out tonight! I could tell by the way the sun was setting. And indoors, the sunset persists.

Omaha – Moby Grape

In honor of my mother who turned 95 earlier this week. She lives in Omaha.

Democrats Against Agenda 21

I came across this interesting site. Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. So what? Most of your towns provided funding and/or infrastructure development for these private projects. They used Redevelopment Agency funds. Your money. Specifically, your property taxes. Notice how there’s very little money in your General Funds now, and most of that is going to […]

Ebola And Cannabis – Update

Some recent articles on the subject: International Business Times – ‘Marijuana Cures Ebola’ Claim Investigated: Cannabis Researchers Weigh In The Times-Picayune, New Orleans – Marijuana might help in fight against Ebola, doctor says A former Mississippi heart surgeon who was jailed for 14 months on drug charges that were eventually dropped said marijuana might provide […]

“Everyone has a right to feel safe.”

An emerging idea is that flattering words — even saying “Have a nice evening” — are a form of abuse called “street harassment“: A 24-year-old aspiring actress has been filmed being catcalled 108 times as she strolled around New York City – even though she was wearing a plain T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Shoshana Roberts, a […]

Exceeded Design Margins

It has some people wondering. He said he could not guess how long it will take to determine the cause of the accident and to make repairs. Culbertson said the company carried insurance on the mission, which he valued at more than $200 million, not counting repair costs. He stressed that it was too soon […]

Corruption In High Places

It looks like we are having a bout of corruption supported by big pharma. VICE has found that many of the researchers who have advocated against legalizing pot have also been on the payroll of leading pharmaceutical firms with products that could be easily replaced by using marijuana. When these individuals have been quoted in […]

Why Endocannabinoids Don’t Get No Respect

They Know It All

A top computer scientist discusses what the brain scientists get wrong. Well, these are metaphors, which can be useful. Flows and pipelines are metaphors that come out of circuits of various kinds. I think in the early 1980s, computer science was dominated by sequential architectures, by the von Neumann paradigm of a stored program that […]

Ebola And Cannabis?

I took two of my recent favorite topics and combined them for a ‘net search. Just to see what came up. And what came up was interesting. To say the least. First off, in business news. Ebola.com Purchased for $200K by Marijuana Company. And It Gets Stranger From There. Yes it does. Ebola.com was sold […]

Prohibition Support On The Left

Eric brought to my attention that although it is generally true that Prohibitionists reside on the conservative right it is not strictly true. In Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu opposes medical cannabis while her main opponent Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La favors medical cannabis. There’s no reason Landrieu shouldn’t be for legalizing marijuana in such situations. […]

Ebola By The Numbers

Let us say that by transmission methods encouraged by the left Ebola doubles every 21 days. In 31 doublings there will be 4 billion dead. Lets do the math 31 *21 = 651 days. A little less than two years. A commenter elsewhere who made a similar calculation says: The above post is a bit […]

Opposing The Insanity

A screed by ChiefIO on Ebola: F*#king Hubris of Ebola Doctors and Loony Left. So we’ve already dodged the bullet once (maybe – we still have about 3 weeks to know) in Dallas. So what happens? ANOTHER brilliantly clueless idiot who is enamored of his own specialness and noble cause manages to put all of […]

Drug War Nazis

I last visited this subject in March of 2013. In light of my many posts on how cannabis can cure cancer at least in some people and given this is breast cancer awareness month, and in recognition of the GOP effort to continue drug prohibition I thought the subject could use a revisit. A definition […]

What bureaucrats can do to you (and with “diligence”!)

Among other things, they can steal your house: A Norcross, Georgia, woman is pleading with city leaders not to take her home over an overdue tax bill of $94.85. The woman says she never received any notices and never knew her condo had been sold at auction. Now city officials are trying to figure out […]

ACLU Lawyer Gets Bipartisan Support For DOJ Post

Eric covered the nomination of Vanita Gupta, as acting head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, runnning down the Drug War aspects of her nomination. Surprisingly, a pro drug site, The Weed Blog, covered some other aspects. The Washington Post reports that Obama intends to nominate Vanita Gupta, the American Civil Liberties Union’s Deputy […]

Support the War on Drugs!

Anyone who has been reading M. Simon’s recent posts about marijuana and who thinks that the War on Drugs is (or ought to be) winding down should get a load of today’s Drudge headline: DOJ’s New Civil Rights Division Chief: Decriminalize Possession of All Drugs… The link goes to this Heritage Foundation pro-Drug War screed opposing the nomination […]

Tits And Pot

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And it is a Big Deal. So big our local paper made its front page pink. Evidently no one is aware that cannabis can cure some (maybe all) breast cancer. From the US Government. Copious links omitted here are available at the link. Antitumor Effects One study in mice […]

Not Very Good Music In Extremely Poor Taste

In other news: Asking If ‘Big Gov’t Sucks’ Got This Girl Kicked Off Campus. Because you only have free speech rights in free speech zones. The rest of the country is zoned unfree. And a real surprise here: A Heart Warming Police Story. Sort of. At least no one was shot. And no puppies were […]

Even The Left Is Stupid On The Matter

I’m reading (well skimming more like) a long article on the woes of being an Alzheimer’s care giver in National Journal. No where in the article is there anything about how cannabis can help. Extremely low levels of the compound in marijuana known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, may slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s […]