Happy New Year!

Something about having Christmas Day and New Years Day each in the middle of the week one week apart makes me think that this classic would be appropriate. From 1962, “Seven Day Weekend,” by Gary U.S. Bonds. Don’t let the picture of the record label fool you. It’s an actual video in there. Or there’s […]

Treating PTSD from Child Abuse

I brought up the matter of PTSD from child abuse in another post. So this video clip from a longer video suits my zeitgeist to a T. You can find out more about the video by visiting The Gift From Within. A therapist who has watched the video has this to say: For victims of […]

Best Wishes For 2014

What’s next? A “conservative” call for banning soft drinks and junk food?

The dietary habits of fat people are not my business and I do not want them to be. I say this notwithstanding an emerging trend among certain conservatives: Overeating and not exercising is a choice that often leads to a multitude of health issues like diabetes and heart disease. The obese are being coddled, while […]


I saw this on facebook: It gave me PTSD and respect for no one.

Pretend Tree

Some one posted a similar image on facebook. The person is otherwise sane. She is anti-drug war for instance. I left a few comments. Pretend I’m a woman and need continuous government surveillance. It should be done using the Drug War precedent. Weekly pregnancy tests.With a sufficiently strong police state we can end this scourge. […]

Pit bulls are disguising themselves as other breeds and murdering everyone in sight!

Earlier a friend sent me a link to an article which he thought indicated a distinct anti-pit-bull bias. Boy, was he not kidding. It turns out that the mayor of an Arizona town had several dogs which got into a fight, and when she and her husband intervened, the aggressive dog killed the mayor’s husband, […]

You Supported The Revolution

Back in the early days of the computer revolution the first mate made “Support the Revolution Buy A Computer” Ts. My slogan – her effort. That was back when I was helping Ward Christensen and Randy Suess get up the World’s First BBS. A precursor of the Internet. Here is what I had to say […]

He Said THAT?

Who said this: Governments are power systems. They are trying to sustain their power and domination over their populations and they will use what means are available to do this. By now the means are very sophisticated and extensive and we can expect them to increase. So for instance, if you read technology journals you […]

Should they be banned?

Coco has a longstanding problem with squirrels. She thinks they are treacherous creatures, hell-bent on doing her harm, or at least driving her crazy. While I’ve tended to be dismissive of Coco’s claims, a recent news item made me wonder whether there might actually be a malignant animus in these fluffy-tailed rates that induces violence, […]

State Nullification

The seeds of a second Civil War may be being sowed with States passing ObamaCare nullification laws. Various states are taking another approach to defeat ObamaCare. These states are considering the idea of nullification. Idaho Governor Otter recently said “we are actively exploring all our options – including nullification.” State nullification is the idea that […]

Taxes Are Going Up

Ah yes. The gubbermint needs moar money. You remember Obama telling you that your tax bill would shoot up by over $275 a year under his plan, don’t you? No? You remember the exact opposite – passionate, repeated vows that taxes on the Sainted Middle Class wouldn’t be raised by a dime? Call it Obama’s […]

Large Corporations Are Suspect

This is about the regulation of monopolies. From learnliberty.org. It may explain why insurance companies joined with the government to enact ObamaCare. Survival is guaranteed.

815 Rappers

I live in the 815 area code and just got some 411 from Eric that I was previously unaware of. 815 Rappers. It seems that Chicago gangstas are moving into the 815 area code (my neck of the woods) and at least making DJ mixes about it. Here is a rapper from Joliet (home of […]

We Don’t Know Enough

We don’t know enough about marijuana to legalize it. Speaking recently with the Los Angeles Times, UCLA professor and former Washington state ”pot czar” Mark Kleiman implied that we as a society are largely ignorant when it comes to the subject of weed. Speaking with Times columnist Patt Morrison, Kleiman stated, “I keep saying we […]

On the road…

And blogging may be light to nonexistent for a few days. Fortunately, that might not stop the intrepid M. Simon. Here’s one for the road:

Tried and true formula, ready for 2016

As we all know, if you didn’t like Obama, it was because you are racist. And now, if you don’t like Hillary, it is because you are sexist: Desperate to stop a second Clinton presidency in 2016, it’s a sure bet many in the GOP will reprise the ugly attacks they used on her 22 […]

Individualism Is A Danger

Collectivism is obviously the answer. Ahem. Well, I had the following video, a sympathetic interview of Chris Hedges, suggested by YouTube. So I thought I’d post it to give some idea about how the collectivist are thinking. The “Individualism Danger” idea is presented at about 4:50 in. He does identify “the ineffectual liberal elite” so […]

Merry Christmas everyone!

All is calm… All is bright! MORE: I couldn’t resist sharing this:

It is Christmas Eve, right?

Hey, speaking of Biblical interpretations, regardless of whether or not December 25 is in fact the anniversary of the date Jesus was born, Merry Christmas everyone!