Let them have pain!

Reading this article, it’s quite obvious that the dominant philosophy in the War on Drugs is that it’s better to prevent people who need pain relief from getting it than to allow the possibility that it might get to people who really don’t need it to have it. Lugano, Switzerland –- A ground-breaking international collaborative […]

ObamaCare(less) Website Fails Again

Well here is the headline: Crucial weekend for Obamacare website begins with a shutdown Which was not unexpected. At least by me. But that is not the most interesting thing I found at the “Crucial weekend…” site. I perused the comments and didn’t find one single one saying anything positive about ObamaCare(less). Evidently they are […]

Ornette Coleman – Naked Lunch

You can watch Naked Lunch with Peter Weller free. Well some one is paying. But other than the bandwidth (you) I have no idea who.

Blue Rondo A La Turk – Dave Brubeck

A little shopping music.

Pointman – A Fair Cop On 19

Pointman has a post up on the COP 19 climate conference. A taste: As predicted by all but the most deluded pundits, it actually was a complete waste of time and taxpayer’s money. It was never going to result in a Warsaw Pact. Nothing of any significance was signed up to except where the next […]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Don’t let that turkey get away from you — not even if it tries to turn the tables on you like this: A cute little culture war in miniature, from long ago. Wonderful social commentary. (I might suggest that a better title might have been “Don’t Ax, Don’t Tell,” but the hell with politics!) However, […]

How many fire starters do we need?

I’d hate to think setting people on fire is becoming a trend, but it was only weeks ago that I wrote about a high school kid who was set on fire by a 16 year old assailant who admitted that he was motivated by homophobia. Horrific as the incident was, I figured that the good […]

No brainer? (Just wait!)

Great. The meddlesome mad scientists are now poised to enable themselves to reprogram our brains: Researchers have known for decades that memories are unreliable. They’re particularly adjustable when actively recalled because at that point they’re pulled out of a stable molecular state. Last spring, scientists published a study performed at the University of Washington in […]

Nature, Men, And Women

I’m going to look at socialism from a little different perspective than you get from most views on it. And what is that perspective? It can be described simply as “When The State Is Her Husband”. But first I’d like you to watch a movie. The movie is a version of a play that is […]

Psychopathic” Neuroscientist caught up in his own pseudoscience

I keep reading about the neuroscientist who discovered he was a psychopath, and I’m skeptical. What he discovered was not that he was a psychopath, but that his brain scan was similar to the brain scans of psychopaths. That’s a big difference. The man is so obviously mired in the determinist camp that he is […]

I’m A Fan Of Traditional Marriage

Outlaw Divorce. Well Jesus was against it. Prompted by Glenn Beck. I note Glenn divorced his first wife and after finding Jesus (I was under the impression that he was no longer available to be found – escaped from the tomb etc.) did not remarry his first wife but got another one. As far as […]

LA Bans Beach Balling

Bureaucracy in action. H/T Live Leak

Monitor And Control

W.F. Price says: It doesn’t make it easier to run a society when you have to control and monitor every aspect of people’s lives…

How Much Of You Does The Government Own?

Ever ask yourself how much of you the government owns? They own you in two ways – by giving you money and by taking away your money. Who makes the money? (hint – they print the makers name on the bills)

If you’re white, go kill yourself!

Earlier I read about a radical nutjob I’d heard of before who seems to specialize in mainstreaming outrageous and despicable ideas, this one being that all white people should go kill themselves. The way he talks to people said to be in his circle you would think that anyone who disagrees with him is so absurdly […]

How Does PTSD Affect The Brain?

You can read about how cannabis helps people with PTSD at Cannabis For PTSD.

The Smart Grid Is A Stupid Idea

Former CIA director James Woolsey calls the Smart Grid a stupid idea. He says it would be a hacker’s dream. He talks about a hacker in Shanghai. I think what he really means is Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army operating out of Shanghai or some similar Chinese government/military organization.

It’s all Romney’s fault!

I try to keep myself informed about current events, but it never ceases to amaze me how much I miss. I was taken aback recently to learn that a very important mover and shaper of public opinion — one Mark Halperin, editor at large for Time Magazine — has discovered the real culprit behind the […]

What makes a murderous nutjob a beloved cultural icon?

Speaking of malignant Marxist narcissism, I stumbled across a nice little cache of Che Guevara quotes, and I found one that suits our current times: “Youth must refrain from ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates.  Instead, they must dedicate themselves to study, work and military service.” Be grateful for your Obamacare! Hear hear! This came right […]

Obama Administration Cracks Down On Medical Pot

I think the raids are a response to Colorado legalizing pot. Today federal agents, assisted by local police, staged the biggest crackdown on marijuana dispensaries in Colorado since the state legalized cannabis for medical use in 2000. The Denver Post reports that the raids hit more than a dozen dispensaries in the Denver area, plus […]