It is pretty obvious now that Romeney got second class tech help for his campaign even if he paid big money for it.

Why couldn’t Romney attract the passionate talent and guidance Obama and the Democrats have? Nate Silver may have provided the answer.

Perhaps a different type of Republican candidate, one whose views on social policy were more in line with the tolerant and multicultural values of the Bay Area, and the youthful cultures of the leading companies here, could gather more support among information technology professionals.

Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Republican, raised about $42,000 from Google employees, considerably more than Mr. Romney did.

Well, yes. In fact, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has correctly warned that the GOP “risks extinction” unless it becomes more libertarian.

BTW it is interesting that the libertarian faction on the right has this former ACORN worker scared:

In the last year, I have been ramping up for the push to legalize marijuana in Illinois. For some reason my liberal friends are silent on this. Why?

Instead, Rand Paul is vocally in support of ending the drug war, or at least decriminalizing it. Is this what you want? Republicans to take up the mantle of legalization and rise to power on a wedge that will increasingly show democrats to be just as politically clueless as republicans?

But still, our democrat friends remain silent.

This is not right. Two states have voted to legalize Cannabis! Marijuana is the new swing vote. It’s time for liberals, and democrats to jump on this change. Don’t let republicans turn this into a wedge issue.

Well good. Now if the trogdolytes of the party would just get on board and present a unified front the Party might have a chance at a win. Of course if the R Party gets tagged with their Life Begins At Conception obsession they could easily go down in flames. Especially since Rand Paul is making both ending the “Drug War” and ramping up the “War On Women” centerpieces of his campaign.