I recently heard about a technology which strikes me as very odd.

Wooden sewer pipes. 

The idea sounds almost laughable, but as a friend who sells real estate told me recently, there are a number of homes with these pipes, and when they are found during inspections, all hell breaks looks and the price of the home has to be renegotiated.

They are called “Orangeburg” pipes, and here’s a nostalgic old advertisement:


Here’s a cross section of a deteriorating Orangeburg “cardboard pipe“:

Perhaps I am old-fashioned (er, obviously not old-fashioned enough!), but it would never occur to me to make pipes out of wood or cardboard. It’s amazing is that some of them have lasted as long as they seem to have.

I can see why people bought them, for people then as now love to hear about how wonderful “new” things are.

I only hope that some of the “green” technology being promoted today isn’t at least as shoddy.