Happy Halloween!

As part of an unbroken 36 year tradition, here’s today’s jack-o-lantern.

Standing Down

H/T Investors Business Daily. Update: 31 Oct 2012 23:15z Rumors are swirling that at least two networks have leaked e-mails about the Benghazi stand down. No definite word yet either on the media stand down order.

Why Ambassador Stevens Was Killed

Former Commander of the Pacific Fleet Admiral James Lyons is one of the the most highly regarded members of the American military. He explains what was going on in Libya. We now know why Ambassador Christopher Stevens had to be in Benghazi the night of 9/11 to meet a Turkish representative, even though he feared […]

Whether weather distracts from race…

Despite the storm, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Dick Polman has an interesting election analysis, his thesis being that the “reelection of America’s first black president is imperiled because he’s doing so badly with white voters.” Is it really about race? It’s sad, but inescapable, that we have to crunch the numbers on the basis of race. […]

The storm before the storm?

Shit. I just turned on the news only to see major storm hysteria on both major news networks. One week before the election. I don’t mean to deny the serious nature of this hurricane. But consider the timing. This storm — which Fox just called “the Mega-Storm of 2012” –is shaping up to become the […]


More at Special Operations Speaks. H/T Hill Buzz.

The Advocates Of Ever More Government

Commenter Aristotle120 suggest that that I give the Diplomad a look. I did and found this. “Fast and Furious” was about “proving” that America’s “lax” gun laws, and the Red State attitude toward guns fueled the drug violence in Mexico. Drug violence does not, in this view, exist because of the insatiable appetite for drugs […]

October surprise?

The Democrats have lately been flailing away at the damn abortion issue as if it is the most important issue facing ordinary voters. They continue to conflate abortion with contraception and then frame it as a “Republican war on women” — which (yeah, this is old) not only mis-characterizes the debate, but completely disregards the […]

Nice work

I haven’t had any time for posts today, but I want to thank M. Simon for doing what I should have been doing. (Never mind this post; just keep scrolling…)

I Was A Marine For Six Years

Not me. The guy in the video. It is all about the Colorado legalization vote.

Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol – Needs Help

From an e-mail: After today, there are just 10 days left until Colorado can make history by becoming the first state to regulate marijuana like alcohol. I’ve been working on this issue in Colorado for six years now, and I can’t even begin to explain to you how excited I am now that victory is […]

A Dead Fish

The father of Tyrone Woods, a Navy SEAL who was killed in the terrorist attack at the American consulate in Benghazi speaks out. Funny, but I feel like Tyrone is one of my men and I am responsible for him. Must be my old Navy training kicking in. Or the FORCE giving me a kick. […]

The Hope and The Change

Obama revealed and unraveled. You can watch the whole hour of video here for free. The Hope and The Change. Pass it on. Especially to people you want to vote against Obama. Or at least stay home.

If you disagree, you have no conscience, and if you have no conscience, you are a sociopath!

In a brief post last night, I mentioned the attempt to demonize Mitt Romney (and the GOP in general), and how it has been remarkably unsuccessful. I see Romney’s likability as a major factor. Well, this morning I learned about a line of attack that Barack Obama and the countless talking heads seem to have mostly […]

We were warned about this demon!

Romney is such a square that the Democrats are having an impossible time of it trying to come up with a scandal. The decades-old divorce testimony (said to be an “October surprise“) amounts to nothing but an opinion about the price of stock, and the supposedly “scandalous” pictures of him as a prep school kid […]

Powering Up

Some of you might like to know what I have been doing these days. Lots of electronics work. I’m a designing fiend every day, all the time. When I’m not designing I’m building my designs. My latest is a power supply for powering the things I’m building. You can read about it and see a […]

Unrested, but “fresh”

Well, it’s now 11:22 p.m. and I have yet to write a blog post (including this one). I dragged myself out of bed when it was dark and for the rest of the day it’s been GO GO GO, and I hate my damn 3-mile run almost as much as I hate cranking out a […]

My two-Monster equivalent made me write this post!

Politicians and their friends in the news media have an unending penchant for stirring up hysteria, and I think a story linked by Drudge earlier is a great example. It seems that a teenage girl with a heart condition managed to ingest more caffeine than her heart could handle, and she died. The fallout has has […]

The last one

Another debate? The final debate? Do I have to watch it? Apparently, yes. Romney is said to be in the lead now, but not in crucial Ohio, which the conventional wisdom (and political history) says he has to win. Hope he kicks ass again by remaining firm and being disarmingly nice at the same time, which […]

“Plowing the sea” (at the taxpayers’ expense, natch)

If you live in a leftie town like I do, you have probably seen the usual signs about “controlled burns,” the “restoration of native species,” and “Natural Area Preservation.” Nonsense. Here in Ann Arbor, the intent is not preservation, much less conservation. It is wholesale destruction, often by clear cutting, poisoning with herbicides, and fire. […]