Well isn’t this interesting? The bloody Drug War in Mexico is not about stopping the flow of drugs. It is about determining who controls the flows. In cahoots with the US government.

The more information uncovered throughout the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious, the more incriminating and controversial it becomes. According to some recent allegations made by a high-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative in American custody, Fast and Furious was an agreement between the United States government and the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel to help take down rival cartels. Likewise, the operative indicates that drugs were permitted to be trafficked across the U.S. border from 2004 to 2009, incriminating both the Bush and Obama administrations, if proven true.

Operation Fast and Furious was a gun-walking operation led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, wherein the ATF lost track of 1,700 guns. The operation resulted in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, and a number of the guns lost during Fast and Furious appeared at a variety of crime scenes. Investigation into the operation has been particularly incriminating for the ATF,

Jesus Vicente Zambada-Neibla, known as the “logistics coordinator” for the Sinaloa Cartel and a close associate of Sinaloa Cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman (pictured), is now claiming that the strategy orchestrated between the United States and the Sinaloa Cartel through Operation Fast and Furious was one of “divide and conquer.” The United States allegedly financed and armed the Cartel in exchange for information that allowed the Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to take down rival drug cartels. Zambada-Neibla indicates that so long as the Sinaloa Cartel continued to deliver intelligence to those American agencies, drugs were permitted to be trafficked across the U.S. border.

Ah. “If proven true.” We will never know the truth until we end Prohibition. Some nights I lay awake thinking “what if THEY kill me or my kids or my friends” for my writing on this subject. I suppose that would be one indicator of what the truth is. At my expense.

Another way to find out would be to do some digging on your own. Obviously it is possible I’m mistaken. It has happened before.