At PaJamas TV they are having a discussion of the subject in the title.

Well some one has to move the money or the cartels can’t survive. The easiest way to stop it would be to stop the flow of drugs. But that is in no one’s interest. Not the DEA’s, certainly not the cartels. And taking black money and turning it white has to be quite a profit center for the banks involved. So the whole charade continues because it is in the interest of a LOT of well connected people.

And then there is the CIA black budget.

This report examines the existence of a CIA ‘black budget’ and an extensive network of ‘deep black projects’ that it funds. The report identifies the legal framework established by the US Congress for the creation of a CIA ‘black budget’ from the appropriations earmarked for other federal agencies that are siphoned through the CIA as the sole conduit of black budget funds. The report investigates the legal challenges to the constitutionality of the CIA’s black budget; how the CIA uses its legal authority to extract appropriations from government agencies such as HUD; how the CIA launders non-appropriated money through other federal agencies; and the efforts the CIA goes to prevent these financial transfers from being exposed. Using as a case study the legal difficulties faced by an innovative mortgage finance company, Hamilton Securities, the report will argue that the CIA’s covert role in Hamilton’s demise is compelling evidence that the CIA was involved in funding irregularities in HUD.

And who worked for HUD and Hamilton? Catherine Austin Fitts.

Of course looked at in the right way this is all one big conspiracy theory. Which I have been told by quite a few people. Well I’m prone to that sort of thing so they might very well be right.