Is It Medicine?

I just got this press release in the mail. === The only way to completely protect patients, cultivators, and providers of medical cannabis from federal enforcement is by changing federal law. The Drug Enforcement Administration keeps raiding cultivators and providers, and the Department of Justice continues to intimidate patients, property owners, and lawmakers in several […]

I Can’t Access My Yahoo Mail

The brilliant folks at Yahoo have come up with a new faster and more secure way to access your e-mail. It is so secure I can’t even get into my own account. Even after accepting their new terms of service which I couldn’t read – probably because of a traffic overload. So I brought up […]

A few gratuitous thoughts on “upholding justice”

I was a bit startled earlier by a quaint, nostalgic sentiment quoted by M. Simon: All who follow a code of ethics or principles are self-governors. Our system is meant to protect the self-governors from those without ethics and principles, perpetrators of fraud, rape and violence. The state does not run the affairs of people […]

One From The Heart

Romney does have a heart. For some things. For others not so much. With respect to Israel and the Palestinians Romney points out that culture matters (I love a culture that allows women with double Ds to wear bikinis – follow the link for a look). General George Patton said something similar about Islam almost […]

Self Government

All who follow a code of ethics or principles are self-governors. Our system is meant to protect the self-governors from those without ethics and principles, perpetrators of fraud, rape and violence. The state does not run the affairs of people in a free society. It upholds justice between people who conduct their own affairs. The […]

This Engineer Supports Scott Brown

It is my opinion that those who can should be doing as much as they can for those who can’t. What used to be called noblesse oblige. Besides if you are an engineer there is good money in it. The image of Edison in the video struck a chord with me because of my work […]

HELP! I’m being attacked by the Daily Caller!

Quite innocently, I went to Memeorandum earlier and clicked on the top link, which is headlined Book bombshell: Obama canceled Bin Laden ‘kill’ raid three times at Jarrett’s urging Just wanted to read it, OK? The link was supposed to go to the Daily Caller, of which I’m a regular reader. Instead of being directed […]

Liberty Or Death

I have touched on this a time or two in the past but since Pat Buchanan brings it up I thought I’d touch on it again. What is the most popular socialism in America? Moral Socialism or Economic Socialism. First let me quote some from Pat. In his New York Times report, “In California, GOP […]

Bay Area bureaucrats come down hard on a “phallic” resemblance

Considering its reputation, most Americans do not think of the San Francisco Bay Area as a particularly prudish place. At least, not where it comes to public human displays of sexuality. Well, if this story is any indicator, prudishness is very much alive and well in the area, at least where it comes to outdoor […]

Bending Them Towards Liberty

Eric and I were discussing the need to beat Obama. He thought that libertarians should bend over backwards to see that Obama was defeated. I had a little different point of view. ===== I agree with you generally on beating Obama. But I also think it is unwise to let them get too comfortable with […]

Forgetting The Jewish Tradition

Commenter Joseph Hertzlinger comes up with the standard social conservative objection to my position on abortion. He thinks that the understanding that the fetus is a person is a brand new idea. Well brand new in terms of human history. Read the comments at the “Joseph Hertzlinger” link to get up to date on the […]

Conservatives Are Getting On The Legalization Train

Well this IS a surprise. DENVER—It’s not just long-haired hippies and Bob Marley fans who want marijuana regulation in Colorado—it’s also some red-blooded conservatives in suits and ties. That was the scene Thursday in Denver when a group of conservatives, headed by Joe Megyesy, former communications director for GOP Congressman Mike Coffman, met with representatives […]

If drugs are relevant, then why only some drugs?

I’d like to know why there has been so little media inquiry into what medications the Colorado shooting suspect was on. Now that it has finally made it into the news that he was in fact seeing a psychiatrist, there is still no news about what meds he was taking, and what they might have […]

A Social Look At Libertarianism

Tom Bridgeland was commenting at my cross post of Why Do Conservatives Misunderstand Libertarians and left a link to his look at the same subject from a more social view point. He looks at it from the viewpoint of cats and dogs. In his view we have two dog parties (and yes I do personally […]

Obama Tougher On Marijuana Than Bush

This is a response to my piece Romney Is Trying To Lose The Election.       And that is one of the problems caused by the Drug War. Lower clearance rates for crimes like murder robbery and theft. Follow the links at the site linked for details. And then there is this 74 Percent […]

In Honor Of The Olympics

People with a clever plan can assume the role of the mighty. The flow of the machines will get you ON. An offering to the SUN in the name of the Weather We are FREE. Any place you could think of we could be. At you. Around you. I LOVE you. Mankind gone from the […]

Put the left in charge, and the result is “multicultural crap”

I just finished watching the opening of the Olympics. It was a crassly political musical extravaganza, dominated by leftist memes (“multicultural crap” according to British critics), such as the portrayal of life in rural England as idyllic and the Industrial Revolution as invasive and barbaric. I guess the authors never heard of feudalism. Coming up […]

Romney Is Trying To Lose The Election

Polls show that 65% to 80% of Americans support medical marijuana. What is he thinking? And people in his state? That would be Utah I guess. Because voters going to the polls in Massachusetts will be voting on the issue in November. These days such issues normally pass. So where is Romney getting his information […]

What is logical about backlash is that it is predictable

A regular commenter said something yesterday that I can’t quite put out of my mind: …when one of the co-bloggers (Gabriel Malor) posted a piece this morning condemning Boston and Chicago for their blatant flouting of the 1st Amendment, yet also noting that he personally did not patronize Chick-fil-A because of the owner’s views, the […]

Free Of Fear Or Why Do Conservatives Misunderstand Libertarians

A gang of us over at Talk Polywell were discussing my recent post Emotional Decision Making. One commenter left a link to Why Liberals Misunderstand Conservatives. Well that got me thinking, “Why do conservatives misunderstand libertarians?” Naturally I added a few words on the subject to the discussion. === For example, one of the leading […]