Does the brave new world have to look like an ugly video game?

NO! NO! NO! I am too tired to write, but some things are too much. Self driving vehicles are too much for me to bear contemplating. (My biggest worry is that they’ll start by allowing them, then end up requiring them.) As if that isn’t bad enough, they want us to be strapped into sci-fi-ish-looking […]

Lies – All Lies

A recap of the George Zimmerman story to date. The PR machine behind the lies Update: 1 May 2012 0354z Zimmerman’s neighbor Frank Taaffe reenacts the head pounding at the scene where Trayvon was killed – video. Why Zimmerman was “profiling” – video. H/T The Commenters At Wagist

In the name of green, the new killing fields are red!

Whether it’s setting fire to forests and meadows, poisoning fish, shooting owls, killing sea lions, or (from the latest news)  shooting cormorants, today’s environmentalists love nothing more than laying waste to the land. In the name of “the Environment” they apply policies that are about as merciful and compassionate as the Khmer Rouge. It isn’t about the Environment, […]

Moving The Movement

The Conservative Tree House is looking into how Julison Communications orchestrated the rise of the Trayvon Martin case to national prominence. Ryan Julison (pictured here) was hired by Trayvon family attorney’s Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump to create the initial image of “Trayvon Martin” and consequently “George Zimmerman”.From the outset the media hook, created by […]

Denial is a river that flows into the Styx

When I heard about the proposed Egyptian “reform” which would legalize sex with corpses (of recently deceased spouses, although of course multiple spouses might mean multiple corpses), my initial reaction was “Talk about stiff!” Nyuk nyuk. But maybe I shouldn’t have been so flippant. After all, this is a serious legal reform in a supposedly progressive, […]

The Real George Zimmerman

And for my blogmaster Eric: Pit Bull Alert. And to Coco: Nice doggie.

Late night mad cap adventures

One of my computers has been behaving erratically. Not erotically, mind you, although it does get plenty “hot.” What will happen is that suddenly, for no apparent reason, the screen will go black, and at exactly the same time the CPU fan (or the case fan or some loud fan) will just explode in a […]

A story I must have missed

M. Simon sent me a link to a report about an Occupy rally which has me puzzled: Multiple speakers preached explicit violence at the Occupy The Justice Department rally in Washington DC Tuesday.  Speeches at this event were focused on Trayvon Martin and freedom for radical journalist and convicted cop killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Typical leftie fringe. Nothing surprising […]

The power to criminalize family chores

This sort of thing has become all too typical of the Obama administration: “Kids may be banned from even the most simplest of farm related tasks and experiences“: The Department of Labor is poised to put the finishing touches on a rule that would apply child-labor laws to children working on family farms, prohibiting them from […]

Zimmerman Raised With Black Children, Is Black

The Narrative just took a bullet to the chest. Perhaps inevitably, the story starts with, yes, a dog: A pit bull named Big Boi began menacing George and Shellie Zimmerman in the fall of 2009. The first time the dog ran free and cornered Shellie in their gated community in Sanford, Florida, George called the […]

Alcohol Is A Hallucinogen

Alcohol is a hallucinogenic drug. Alcohol-related psychosis is a secondary psychosis with predominant hallucinations occurring in many alcohol-related conditions, including acute intoxication, withdrawal, after a major decrease in alcohol consumption, and alcohol idiosyncratic intoxication. Alcohol is a neurotoxin that affects the brain in a complex manner through prolonged exposure and repeated withdrawal, resulting in significant […]

More Dersh

Watch the latest video at Dersh (roughly): “The prosecutor ought to be hiring a lawyer.” and “Mike Nifong territory” The quotes may not be exactly exact. I have only listened once so far. But they are an accurate depiction of the conversation. Listen for yourself. H/T commenters at Wagist

A high premium demands a higher standard

A million dollars is a lot of money to pay someone for “proof” of someone else’s non-virginity, but that’s what’s considered a hot news item today. Apparently, a lot of people are so irritated over the claim that football star Tim Tebow is a virgin, that disproving it has become some sort of cause. While […]

Citizenship In New Jersey

Update: 26 April 2012 0501z. Eric sent me this link to one of the lawyers that tried the case for the Birther side: Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 states: “No person except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible […]


Has CNN turned on Obama?

Corey Guilty Of Suborning Perjury?

Angela Corey is the Special Prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case. Alan Dershowitz is of the opinion that she may be guilty of suborning perjury. You can see some comments on the case at Glenn Beck. H/T to the commenters at Wagist

The Lynch Mob Is On The Loose

There is so much of it out there that I’m just going to post links – mostly. Ima kill zimmerman myself *loads semi* where he at TaNisha Taylor Trial of George Zimmerman Could Trigger Another Rodney King – Trayvon Martin’s shooter has a new lawyer. Mansfield Frazier hopes he’s advising his client to take a […]

Do conservatives hate penis freedom? Should I care?

Is hiring a gay spokesman “not conservative“? I don’t know. Some self appointed spokesmen for conservatism seem to think that it isn’t. And some of them are screaming loudly that Romney should be made to atone. So what is “conservative”? As a libertarian, am I supposed to care? Should I be battling to be able to […]

Curing Schizophrenia With Diet And Nutritional Suppliments

The link was sent to me by the First Mate.

So who’s not “discussing” the “widening but little-discussed labor problem”?

I’m not feeling especially creative right now. The one cup of coffee I have had did little more to inspire me to click on a news site, and I chose the SF Chronicle only because earlier I perused Joel Kotkin’s WSJ piece about the “The Great California Exodus,” so as the Chuck Berry line goes, […]