An exceptionally scary link from Glenn Reynolds made me realize what a cruel, vicious, and oppressive society America is.

Half of Americans live below the median income level!

Got that? This is a crisis, folks, and it is not likely to go away anytime soon. And as Glenn points out, even our sainted president probably can’t do anything:

I blame Barack Obama, and I want a president who won’t rest until everyone is above the median income! But how likely is that when most people are perfectly satisfied to live in a society where twenty percent are in the bottom quintile?

And if you think that’s bad, it got me to thinking about an even more awful, but equally ineradicable fact.

We’ve all heard talk about that evil one percent and what to do about them, right?

Based on my mathematical calculations (of the same sort that the AP missed), it has become clear to me that not only does the 1% have more than the remaining 99%, but no matter what anyone says or does, the top 1% will always will have more than the remaining 99%!

A terrifying thought, no?

And how could OWS have missed this? If I were running the outfit, I would not want the mathematical truth to get out lest there be a panic. It’s probably better that they’re leaderless, as that way no one has to take the blame.