I was reading a transcript of the above speech at Israpundit and decided to follow the link given to the source of the transcript. You can try that here: sarahpac.com/posts/governor-palins-speech-at-the-restoring-america-tea-party-of-america-rally-in-indianola-iowa-video-and-transcript. As you can see it comes up “Not Found”. OK maybe Comcast is acting up again. So I look up Sarah Pac and what do you know? The donate page can be found fine. But when you click on the Home Page link there you get the same “Not Found” message. Something is up.

And something else is up. Sarah has been relatively quiet since that speech. I wonder what she is planning?

As I wrote in a comment at Israpundit:

The First Mate – who was never a Palin fan and in fact disdained her – after looking at the R field, was lamenting that Palin was not in the race. I have been a Palinista since 29 Aug. 2008.

Let me add that The Mate voted for Obama but has thoroughly learned her lesson by now.

There are those who would vote for a syphilitic camel in the next election rather than see Obama win. Why do that when you could vote for Sarah? If she runs. As a third party candidate. If she was in the race I’d vote for her. Any party. Any time. And given the Mate’s reaction to the current field I think there may be a hidden reservoir of unnoticed support (how is that for redundancy?).

I think it is time the Republicans went the way of the Whigs. And they might very well do that if Sarah takes up the banner.

Update: 9 Nov 2011 1510z

McCain is fed up. He predicts the rise of a third party.

H/T filbert in the comments.

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