No SWAT team this time. But youthful scofflaws, take note!

While I probably should have been shocked by this news report from the front lines in the War on Foods and Drugs, nothing shocks me anymore.  Nor should it surprise anyone that pushers are recruiting young children to sell their unhealthy products on streetcorners, without permits: VILLA RICA, GA — It sounds like a bad […]

Messing up veterans’ monuments saves democracy! But taking pictures is rude!

Even though I know that free speech carries a price, I tend towards First Amendment fanaticism, and I do not believe in restricting anyone’s free speech rights, no matter how obnoxious it is or how much I disagree with the views expressed.  Still, I’m fascinated by the idea that a prolonged and raucous occupation of […]

Triangle Of Greed

Tim Pawlenty has coined a phrase. I like it. …growing government, powerful unions and bailed-out businesses make up “a royal triangle of greed” in America. Define the enemy. And in most libertarian terms too. Cross Posted at Power and Control

Eventually You Run Out Of Other People’s Money

Walter Russell Mead is discussing the fact that anti-public union fever is not just for Wisconsin anymore. He comes up with a quote which is the perfect explanation for why the SIHTF. From a state that is bluer than blue, ultraviolet Vermont, comes the news that Governor Peter Shumlin, a Democratic governor with solid Democratic […]

Perchance to Dream

In the last day, I noticed a lot of postings on Facebook about the shuttle. And this made me realize something about space, and what space means. I haven’t been exactly paying attention. Whenever a novel is done – let alone a novel that was delayed due to my stupid body, once more, reminding me […]

Wisconsin Teachers Mafia – Follow the Money

When you want to know what a fight is all about – it is often helpful to follow the money. So where is the money in Wisconsin’s fight with the Teachers Union? We recently issued a report titled, ” A Crucial Challenge for Wisconsin Schools: Escaping the Shackles of WEA Trust Insurance.” After hours of […]

There is nothing gay about a sin condemned by Jesus! Yet.

While the term “gay marriage” has become a euphemism for same sex marriage, it is a bit misleading. Because, just as as no proof of heterosexuality is required for opposite sex couples who seek to marry, none of the jurisdictions I know of which allow same sex couples to marry require any proof of homosexuality. […]

Attack On Coptic Monastary In Egypt

Don’t watch this if you have a weak stomach. Even if you have a strong stomach it is hard to watch. Here is a report from Coptic Solidarity (which has a shorter version of the video). For the second time in as many days, Egyptian armed force stormed the 5th century old St. Bishoy monastery […]

Extending An Olive Branch To Regulators

I get around half my calories from olive oil — much like this lady — so when I started reading that a lot of olive oil is not actually olive oil I was naturally quite concerned. More than two of every three bottles labeled imported extra virgin olive oil are either a cheaper grade of olive oil or […]

“Auto” eroticism — a problem of elephantine and nonsexical proportions

I can’t remember where I found the link, but this article about an elephant raping a car got me to thinking about morality. Sorry if I misstated the facts a bit. Perhaps what happened should not have been called “rape.” This is not to say that the car consented, for cars are incapable of consent. […]

Breaking the narratives that enslave us

The video of the black gay Tea Partyer getting harassed by angry leftists has been widely circulated and commented upon, and the reason I can’t stop thinking about it is not only because it demonstrates in a microcosm the nastiness of the left (I should probably say “the Jim Crow left” — more on that […]

What Kind Of Utopia Do You Want?

The left likes pain free utopias (why should anyone suffer?). The right likes painful ones (how else can you learn?). A middle way would be nice. Cross Posted at Power and Control

Miscarriages Will Need To Be Investigated

Back in December of 2009 a commenter at The Other McCain said: The Indentured Servant Girl said… M. Simon: women were not, and would not be charged with murder for procuring an abortion. It is the doctors that the law goes after. Of course I had a response in my post Abortion Is Murder. My […]

The Problem With Socialists And Socialist Conservatives

Bill Whittle explains “The Problem With Socialists And Socialist Conservatives” in his review of the movie Forbidden Planet. Forbidden Planet (Two-Disc 50th Anniversary DVD Edition) This book is a further exposition on the subject: God’s Executioner: Oliver Cromwell and the Conquest of Ireland And if that isn’t enough for you I have a C.S. Lewis […]

Wisconsin Teachers Mafia

Wisconsin Teachers Mafia: Give us the money or the kid gets it. Parent: Gets what? Wisconsin Teachers Mafia: Educated by us. Parent: But you don’t educate the kids. Wisconsin Teachers Mafia: OK. How much will you pay us to leave the kids alone? Parent: You are going to need a doctor’s excuse for that. Cross […]

Conflated confabulations of frenzied and fulminating Fonziephobia

Anti-libertarian snark fascinates me, and it seems to get louder and louder, and ever more insulting. I’ve complained about it before, and my recent worries have tended to focus on the tension between libertarians and social conservatives in the Tea Party context. But I don’t mean to neglect anti-libertarian snark on the left! It’s just […]

“in order for democracy to work”

While it was shocking enough to read that a man described as a lawyer has requested a presidential pardon for Charles Manson, what is also shocking is that any attorney would be so incapable of understanding what several of Glenn’s readers do — that Charles Manson was convicted only of state offenses. Yes, Manson was […]

A government tax on “consumption” that isn’t there?

Much as I hate being distracted from important issues of the day, it so happens that today is my bill-paying day, which means I have to devote a moderate amount of time to opening bills, tearing off the payment slips, writing checks for the amounts on the slips (with account numbers written on all the […]

Take The Bastards Down

I think they have the wrong bastards in mind. But if they want smashing this 66 year old is up for it. Let them fire the first shot. Then give them some serious counter battery fire. Two for range and then fire for effect. Cross Posted at Power and Control

The Old Order Is Breaking Down

Commenter Frank asked me to elaborate on my point about the start of the next world war at Palin: Libyans Should Be Protected By Nato. I replied in a comment. I think that comment deserves more eyeballs. ==== Frank, The world system is breaking down. In America: 1. The lower education/union bubble 2. The higher […]