Nate Silver is discussing Democrat prospects for this coming November (bad and getting worse) and says the results are overdetermined. …there is reason to be skeptical of two types of analyses: those that claim that Factor X definitely isn’t contributing to the Democrats’ troubles, and those that assert that it definitely is. For instance, I’d […]

The Happy Now

Instapundit called this “a disturbing photo essay” when linking to it a couple of weeks back.
It did disturb me, but perhaps not in the way me he meant it to. (No, I’m not sure. It never does to second guess Glenn Reynold’s intentions.)

inartful phrasing or hidden meaning?

As the idea of government health care becomes ever more unpopular with the taxpayers, the federal government’s top health care bureaucrat has issued a statement which is at least insensitive, and (in light of the word used) quite possibly inflammatory: As a widely-watched survey shows support for the new health care reform law slipping, the […]

If Ann Coulter is now a RINO, can I take my checkers and go home?

In what I think is a very important post titled “Ideological War Spells Doom for America’s Schoolkids,” Zombie touches on an issue near and dear to my heart which I have ranted about for many years. That is the way the culture war tends to be exacerbated by increasingly extreme ideological positions at both ends. […]

It Is More Like Prostitution

I an article on age discrimination in the high tech industries a commenter came up with this analogy. memomachine Hmmmm. Actually to me the software industry appears to have more in common with prostitution. 1. Time is money. 2. You can’t be choosy about customers. 3. Everybody wants you on your back with your legs […]

say what?

Sorry not to have had anything to say today. I’ve been swamped with errands, and poor Coco (who has been inexplicably sick) had to be taken to the vet for innumerable tests. She has an acute GI infection and according to the vet she is so filled with gas that they’re going to have to […]

Being polite can be dangerous

I just had a rather unsettling experience while running (from which I just got back), and were I a superstitious person, I’d be convinced that I’d had a “premonition” beforehand. For no particular reason (other than the fact that the thought just popped into my head), just before the run I recalled a legal (“equitable […]

“born that way”? Says who?

As I pondered the comments to an earlier post about transsexualism and added one of my own, I remembered a snarky remark I heard yesterday about the religious aspect of the issue. A man making a speech cited Jesus Christ as being in support of his view that transsexualism is wrong. I thought that was […]

Interesting dichotomy

Glenn Reynolds mentioned the “overwhelmingly white” meme, and malcontent that I am, I just had to click. The first link went to a story with the following “headline” (more editorial than headline, really): “Tea Party rally big on God, short on colour” If they were interested in mathematical balance, you’d think they could have at […]

No herding these cats

The Tea Party has been likened to herding cats, and I think that’s a good (if sometimes exhausting) thing. M. Simon sent me a link to a local writeup of what is being called a Tea Party takeover of the GOP here in the Ann Arbor area. The piece also refers to an Idaho “coalition […]

Who Are These Peopole?

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Surviving In A War Zone

I was reading a post about economic collapse, H/T Instapundit, and the handle of the guy making the following comment got my attention. Then I read deeper. by Gully Foyle on Thu, 08/26/2010 – 17:24 In addition to the Argentinian survivor post above. http://www.thepowerhour.com/news/items_disappearfirst.htm From a Sarajevo War Survivor: Experiencing horrible things that can happen […]

Happy Birthday Glenn

My friend Eric just called me this morning with a bad case of blogger withdrawal syndrome. He is at the Michigan Republican Party Convention representing the anarcho wing of the Tea Party. So he says. He also said that there are about 700 delegates openly favoring the Tea Party out of about 2,000 total. And […]

Just what Michigan needs now — a bathroom litmus test!

Much as it tires me to discuss it, some people are insistent on making the transgender issue into another one of those stupid political litmus tests. Candidates for Secretary of State are being asked to take positions on the vital issue whether transgendered individuals should be allowed to have the sex on their drivers licenses […]

A Cheech and Chong litmus test? Later alligator!

In local news, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department has been conducting raids on medical marijuana sellers. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Narcotics Enforcement team raided three businesses and 12 homes Wednesday and confiscated marijuana, $30,000 in cash, guns, grow lights, patient records and two guard alligators, authorities said Thursday. Prosecutors contend the operators of Clinical Relief […]

Bloomberg’s baffling dots defy my powers of analysis!

Every once in awhile, I see something so completely and thoroughly incomprehensible that it defies logical analysis, and a recent statement from New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg about the NYC cabbie-slasher suspect is one of them. It appears that the mayor is trying to connect some dots, and his mental processes leave me feeling dumbfounded. […]

Race War

Because of my last post Beat Whitey Night I have been hanging at some rather strange places. And then I came across Angry White Dude. Where I found this comment which refers to this murder. olds442says: August 26, 2010 at 7:05 am Black Bart: “”He didn’t bother a soul,” said neighbor Kathy Mathis. “He was […]

All the “noose” that fits….

In a post titled “The government is pushing these food poisoning events because they want to over-regulate,” Ann Althouse quotes a commenter who says this: You should look into some of the regulations currently being considered by the FDA and USDA. These regs are going to increase the price of food considerably, if they are […]

Beat Whitey Night

In news about all the post racial harmony we have heard so much about lately, there was a Beat Whitey night at the Iowa State Fair. Des Moines police are trying to determine what led to a series of attacks outside the Iowa State Fairgrounds over the weekend that included the assault of two police […]

“Palin’s endorsement hasn’t helped”

Now that Joe Miller is within victory over Lisa Murkowski, it looks like Sarah Palin is more popular in Alaska than Slate’s Alexandra Gutierrez predicted yesterday in a piece titled “Why the candidate of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express is losing in Alaska.” …Tuesday is likely to be a disappointment to Palin and […]