Sweetening the pot — NOT!

Lest anyone think that only the mean old Republicans are Drug Prohibitionists, I just learned about another ridiculous anti-drug law that must have passed while I was asleep. At least one one blogger is complaining about it, and because he’s a leftie, I thought I should add my two cents worth. Anyway, thanks to the […]

“freedom to think what they want to think”

Anyone who thinks that Andrew Breitbart is the inflexible and rigid “authoritarian” that John Dean says he is should read his Newsweek interview: If Sherrod wanted to meet with you, what would you tell her? I’d have a long discussion with her, and I’d tell her that I’m not one of these people in this […]

A surprising and hopefully sincere apology

In the comments to Dave’s earlier post about Shirley Sherrod’s remark that Andrew Breitbart wants to enslave black people, I was unable to resist making a couple of remarks: If she really believes that Andrew Breitbart wants to enslave black people, she isn’t merely a racist, she’s mentally deranged. OTOH if she doesn’t really believe […]

To the authoritarian ruling class, dissenters are “authoritarians”!

What is authoritarianism? I normally think it means something along these lines: Authoritarianism is a form of social organization characterized by submission to authority. It is opposed to individualism and democracy. In politics, an authoritarian government is one in which political power is concentrated in a leader or leaders, typically unelected, who possess exclusive, unaccountable, […]

The Tea Party may have “wings,” but no one can clip them!

While I don’t like divisiveness or schismatic memes, as a Tea Party supporter I at least try to keep abreast of emerging patterns, and any case I am hopelessly unable to ignore new political terminology when I see it. So I leaped into “post mode” when I read that the Michigan Tea Party movement has […]

Obama’s Katrina: Did Admin Policies/Incompetence Cause The Oil Spill?

It sure looks that way. Ed Morrissey cites a Center for Public Integrity report that finds the Coast Guard, whose budget was slashed by a third under Obama, so badly botched the response to the explosion (not even following their own guidelines for such responses) that their actions probably caused the rig to sink, which […]

Atomic Time

I want to tell you about a clock I bought a while back that my mate and I are very happy with. The La Crosse Technology WT-3102B 10-Inch Atomic Analog Clock. It really isn’t an atomic clock. It synchronizes with an atomic clock signal sent out by station WWVB near Boulder, Colorado. If you look […]

The Inertia Question

I have started a new blog called The Inertia Question. So what is it all about? That tired feeling you have in the morning before your sixth cup of coffee? No. I explain what it is all about in my first post which I reprint here in its entirety: ============ This blog is dedicated to […]

Fake “Tea Party” Democratic operatives fail my smell test!

Good news. It now appears that the fake “Tea Party” which has been attempting to qualify as an official party in Michigan (see my previous post) has not only been exposed as a fraud, but it also appears to be a fraud perpetrated by Democratic Party operatives. (Surprise!) Michigan Capital Confidential did the research and […]

The Only Virgin In Holywood

My post Wreck Value attracted a very amusing comment. Justthisguy said… Ah, yes, Miss Bankhead. I used to work in Huntsville, with some of the Original Space Nazis, so I drove to work on the road named for her Dad, many times. She was conceived at Tallulah Gorge, in Georgia, my state of birth. (hence […]

The Shirley Charade

Great summary of recent events from the DC Trawler: The joke was on everyone as the Sherrod chainsaw howled to life. She announced that Fox News was just using her as a “pawn” to “take us back to where we were many years ago. Back to where black people were looking down, not looking white […]

My finger on the Gingrich lever?
(A hypothetical doomsday scenario which gives me nightmares…)

Last night I looked at this scary chart, and I had trouble sleeping: While it’s nice to see that Sarah Palin is number one, my concern is seeing that a man who has stated he wants Singapore-style drug law enforcement for the United States is in the position of being a serious contender for the […]

Time to throw Afghanistan under the bus?

How about a throwaway post about Afghanistan? I’m not a policy expert, but right now, everyone and his or her mama seem to be talking about the Afghan War WikiLeaks, and a friend sent me a link to Stratfor’s interesting discussion thereof. Nearly everything I’ve been reading about the situation in Afghanistan is grim. The […]

A typical dim witted semi-on-topic post about nothing

I’ve got nothing to say today, but if there’s one thing I hate, it’s bloggers who write posts announcing that they have nothing to say, and then invite comments on the nothingness. Of course, if the goal is to solicit what M. Simon called “typical dim witted semi-on-topic blog comments,” (and Donna, that does not […]

A burka ban would suck more than the burka

I’ve been following the arguments about burka bans, and much as I hate these coverings and what they represent (and think countries like Syria are smart to ban them), I think any ban on an article of clothing is not only impossible in the United States, but runs afoul of the First Amendment. I want […]

Fusion – A New Hope?

A private company has just gotten a $50 million cash infusion for its fusion experiments. A private company in Foothill Ranch that is reportedly experimenting with nuclear fusion power has raised $50 million in funding, according to a report from Socaltech.com. Little more information was available Monday about the experiments at the company, Tri-Alpha Energy, […]

How To Get Rid Of Racism

The look on Mike Wallace’s face is priceless. Worth 55 seconds of your life. Definitely. H/T Joan of Argghh!. May I suggest you follow the link and read Joan’s take on this video and recent events. Cross Posted at Power and Control


Iran has some new friends in the uranium business. TEHRAN (AFP) – The top diplomats of Iran, Brazil and Turkey will discuss nuclear fuel supplies for Tehran in Istanbul on Sunday, in the first such gathering since the Islamic republic was slapped with new sanctions. Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was to meet his Brazilian […]

Where’s my Shindley Sherhan Show?

I realize this will sound a bit crazy, but I like Shirley Sherrod. Not like in the sense of wanting to get all warm and cuddly with her, mind you, but like her in the sense that I like Cindy Sheehan, or anyone else who puts the lie to these awful ruling class people. I […]

Promoting a health hazard more deadly than third hand smoke!

I shouldn’t be sitting here writing a blog post; I should be outside gardening or something. Besides, the latest research shows that sitting in a chair is hazardous to my health. Which means that by sitting in this “death chair” and writing this blog post, I am contributing not only to my own physical decline, […]