Obama’s Plan For Failure

Here is Obama’s plan for failure. For instance he has promised to lower the debt. I think that promise has expired. And he will be friendlier to the working class by destroying the companies they work for. The man is a genius. Obamanomics: How Bottom-Up Economic Prosperity Will Replace Trickle-Down Economics (Economics in the Obama […]

First The Spending Then The Plan

President Present is about to unveil his new spending plan. His old plan was spend first and plan later. Could it mean the old way has passed its expiration date? President Barack Obama said Saturday his administration will outline a new strategy in the coming days for spending billions of federal dollars to pull the […]

Rushing To Get A BiPartisan Stimulus

Rush Limbaugh seems to be on a roll. At least he has rolled Obama (and by the end of his term I think you will have a hard time finding some one who hasn’t rolled Obama. 3 years 11 months 2 weeks and 6 days to go.) You can read the whole thing here. But […]

Polywell Fusion – Keeping It Alive

Another short term contract [pdf] for wiffle ball fusion is out for bid by the US Navy. Here is the interesting part. 3.1.1 Contractor shall review the results from Contracts N00014-93-C-0224, N00014-96-C-0039, contract N68936-03-C-0031, and any other publically available current documentation regarding the technical research and development in the field of energy production using a […]

What Next For Polywell Fusion?

Dr. Bussard thought that a full scale net energy Polywell Fusion program could be done for $200 million. What could be done to advance the knowledge base that wouldn’t require that kind of commitment? I have been giving some thought to what the next step in the Polywell Fusion experiments might be. Here is what […]

Strange Attractors

I was reading Hendrik Tennekes on climate models and learned some very interesting mathematics. Let me walk you through it. It isn’t hard and it turns out to be very beautiful. First off let me give you the flavor of the man. Here is something he says that I really like: “Physicists dream of Nobel […]

Polywell Fusion

It seems to me that funding for the Polywell Fusion Project being run by EMC2 Fusion has stalled. So I want to do something about that. When ever you post a comment on a blog use this tagline: Why hasn’t Polywell Fusion been funded? If the blog allows embeded urls you can post this: Why […]

A Violation Of Principles

It seems like the net is all abuzz about how climate science violates the principles of forecasting. Excellent. Except I blogged the very same report in June of 2007 at Principles Of Forecasting. Nice to see the folks on the net keeping up to date. Cross Posted at Power and Control

Holocaust Survivors Say: Legalize Marijuana

It is about a minute with English subtitles. The Jerusalem Post explains how this came to be. The Green Leaf Graduates, which split from the political party Aleh Yarok, best known for its advocacy of the legalization of cannabis, is making waves with its most recent announcement: a plan to incorporate the Holocaust Survivors Party. […]

Sign of hope?

While a lot of people predicted that Barack Obama would try to revise the unconstitutional “Fairness Doctrine” (requiring broadcasters to present “both sides” of “controversial issues”), I’ve long been skeptical that he would dare. Not only would he have little to gain politically, but I cannot think of anything more calculated to activate and unite […]

A Side Effect

The Dallas Morning News says Obama is going to have trouble to his south. President Barack Obama’s agenda is already packed to the brim with urgent domestic and international issues. Another item – Mexico – deserves a place high on his list, though it’s rarely been apparent from Obama’s campaign and post-election public statements that […]

Cease Fire?

Evidently Hamas was not really interested in a long cease fire with Israel. Ten days and the war is back on. The Israeli military says one soldier has been killed and three wounded in a bomb attack on the Gaza-Israel border. The bombing Tuesday marks the first serious clash along the border since a cease-fire […]

The Pentagon’s LEDs

The Pentagon is switching to LEDs. Cree, Inc. announced that more than 4,200 LR24 recessed LEDluminaires are planned for installation in Wedge 5 of the Pentagon as partof a major renovation currently underway. In a signing ceremony today at the Pentagon, John J. Kubricky, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Advanced Systems and Concepts, and […]

Death Of A Religion

It seems like the climate consensus is dying. “Vice President Gore and the other promoters of man-made climate fears endless claims that the “debate is over” appear to be ignoring scientific reality,” Senator James Inhofe, Ranking Member of the Environment & Public Works Committee. A U.S. Senate Minority Report released in December 2008 details over […]

A New Kind Of Transistor

There is some very promising research that promises the development of a new kind of transistor. A team of Duke University chemists has modified a method for growing long, straight, numerous and well-aligned carbon cylinders only a few atoms thick that paves the way for manufacturing reliable electronic nanocircuits. The team had already described a […]

Meanwhile in Ann Arbor….

The things I miss, being here in Berkeley! Back in Ann Arbor, terrorism has been redefined — by two experts on the subject. I refer to Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn — who were promoting their new book to a standing room only crowd at the University of Michigan: …when their talk at the University […]

Your Typical Palestinian Wants War

Eric posted a bit entitled Your typical Jew wants war? in which he discusses Obama’s statement: There are Israelis who recognize that it is important to achieve peace. The best answer to that is something I read yesterday by Professor Barry Rubin. I’m posting it in its entirety because it explains the Palestinian politics behind […]

Big Shipping Decline

Trucking tonnage declined by a seasonally adjusted 11.1% in December. Which puts us back to the level of December 2000. Very serious to be sure. The end of the world? I doubt it. However we still may have further to fall. As the Obama administration is fervently working on an economic stimulus package the get […]

Your typical Jew wants war?

There are Israelis who recognize that it is important to achieve peace. So said Barack Obama, in a statement that strikes me as a tad condescending. I realize that everyone is obsessed with the economy right now, but when coupled with the fact that Obama’s first presidential interview is with an Arab network, might the […]

A single nuclear free day can ruin your nice junkyard!

Beautiful sunset today, right in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, which only happens twice a year. Of course, the indoor sun never sets. Earlier today I met a charming pit bull named Willis, who was employed as a classic junkyard dog, shown here chained to his cylinder head: I like the “Have A […]