Ending the inflationary cycle

I have been so engaged in the move (truly the most harrowing one of my life) that I have barely been able to keep abreast of news developments, much less blog about them. But that did not mean that I missed Barack Obama’s fascinating assertion about tire inflation. Via Ace, the exact quote: “we could […]

Sgt. Mom Has A New Book

Sgt. Mom says the book is part of “…a trilogy, about the German settlements in the Texas Hill Country in the 19th century. Did you know that in Gillespie County became almost solidly German between one decade and the next, and that German was the common language up until the 1920’s?”. Here is an excerpt. […]

Hope Head

John Kass in the Chicago Tribune comments on the latest Obama video by MoveOn.org. It is a hoot. Also target rich. Obama hopium was so powerful, that that first rush of it, well, it sent a tingle up my leg. Or down my leg. Then up. So now, when I read newspaper stories about Obama’s […]

Political Commentary

Keep The Money In America

This is a McCain ad which echoes my latest post on why drilling for oil is a good thing and will have good effects almost immediately: It’s A Zero Sum Game. The idea is to zero out the Saudis and other malefactors besides keeping the money in America. If sending our money to China for […]

It’s A Zero Sum Game

I just came across an interesting thread on some kind of strange Google blog that talks about the Democrat’s anti-oil position. One commenter says this about oil drilling (edited slightly for typos and clarity) The 10 year timeframe that everyone keeps repeating is not a very realistic one. It takes less than a year to […]

Stupidity Begins At The Water’s Edge

I’m reading the comment section at Reason Magazine and as per usual losing in Iraq is at the top of their agenda. They have much good to say about the Democrats who want to end the Iraq War with an American defeat. So I’m proposing a new motto to replace “Politics ends at the water’s […]

Reanimation Of Corpses

In the comments at Confederate Yankee I came across this bit: Just like a liberal who accuses conservative of being “mindless zombies” isn’t actually advocating cranial removal and mass reanimation of Republican corpses. I believe the reanimation of corpses for political purposes is a Chicago specialty. They have a Democratic machine designed especially for the […]

Fresh Kills

Green is not selling the way it used to. This is old news and it is the Onion. But it marks the start of a trend. STATEN ISLAND, NY-An estimated 450,000 unsold copies of Time‘s special April 22 Earth Day issue were trucked Monday from the magazine’s New Jersey distribution center to the Fresh Kills […]

War Stories – 2

Wretchard of the Belmont Club links to some war stories. One of the commenters also gives a link. If you like to read about courage under fire may I suggest that you read them all. This is why we are still in Iraq and the insurgents (for the most part) are not. Sen. Obama – […]

Another day, another hitch

Still moving, and things are crazier than even I could have imagined. While I would have paid professional movers, the only company I fould find in the area with high recommendations was booked up for the entire period, so I decided to go with YouPack.com. For less than a third of what a regular moving […]

Faith Is A Wonderful Thing

But it is wise to check it against reality from time to time. You know: by their fruits you will know them and all that. H/T Lubos Motl’s Reference Frame post about Cargo Cult Science.

Check Bounce

Adam Nagourney at The New York Times asks with reference to the Obama campaign, “Where’s the Bounce?” It may be in his step but it is not showing up in the polls. WASHINGTON — It is a question that has hovered over Senator Barack Obama even as he has passed milestone after milestone in his […]

For The Troops

Patio Heaters

A blog claiming to represent Bioethics International suggests that having a baby is equivalent to buying and running a patio heater. A pair of doctors have said that British parents should have fewer children, because kids cause carbon emissions and climate change. The two medics suggest that choosing to have a third child is the […]

The Globe Reverberates With Laughter

Peter Huber in Forbes takes a look at the reality of carbon hysteria. A number of influential people in Russia, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam say the planet is now entering a 30-year cooling period, the second half of a normal cycle driven by cyclical changes in the sun’s output and currents in the Pacific […]

The joys of hell

They say that war is hell, and while I think that’s true, moving comes a pretty close second. That’s why I haven’t been blogging these past few days, and only now have the briefest amount of time for a teensy post.

Third Week In Chealsea

The New Alternative

This is a response to a post and the subsequent comments about AL Gore’s plan for powering America with alternative energy in ten years. First: Al Gore is an idiot. Second: He is a promoter. He stands to get very rich if he can persuade Congress to implement his schemes. Third: Solar scientists are predicting […]

Not Born Yet

An old cowboy responded to an Englishman who asked, “Is your master about?” “That sombitch ain’t been born yet”, the cowboy replied. From the comments at American Thinker. Cross Posted at Power and Control