(Yeah, another post supporting the war…)

Much as I’m glad that M. Simon is posting here, I’m afraid he’s spoiled me with his Iraq war blogging. My view of the war is that I support it, I have always supported it, and I will continue to support it right up until the left finally forces the United States to withdraw and […]

CFLs are for screwing, while teeth are for chewing

The amount of mercury in the mouth of a person with fillings was on average 2.5 grams, enough to contaminate 5 ten acre lakes to the extent there would be dangerous levels in fish. — Gleaned from a leading mercury scare site I really like Steven Milloy. But I also like my CFLs. And while […]

Bureaucratic pain as rational basis for unconstitutional laws?

“One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” — Wayne Pacelle (President, Humane Society of the United States) I’ve written two posts about California’s mandatory spay neuter bill (AB 1634), but I want to return to the law’s philosophical and constitutional implications, […]

Moran On Iraq

Armed Liberal at Winds of Change is all hot and bothered about Rick Moran’s (they spelled his name wrong) suggestion that it was time to surrender to the Democrats and pull out of Iraq on the Democrat’s time table. The Answer Man has an answer for Armed Liberal: Might I suggest joining: I Support Democracy […]

The Pain In The Brain

I just learned somethin new today about pain. What I learned is that Arthritis pain is processed in the brain’s ‘fear center’. Researchers at The University of Manchester have discovered that arthritis pain, unlike that induced as part of an experiment, is processed in the parts of the brain concerned with emotions and fear. So […]

Car Sticker for Bush haters with dyslexia?

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of a pricey Town and Country with a sticker that read “W STANDS FOR WRONG.” I guess that’s supposed to be a self-explanatory sort of in joke for like-thinking people, but I thought I’d improve on it a bit: The problem is that if I put that on my […]

Never Again

My mother is Jewish. As I am. She grew up in the 20s and 30s. She knew about Roosevelt’s abandoning the Jews. She is a staunch believer in “never again”. And yet when I say that we can’t abandon the Iraqi people to the head choppers all I get back is “I hate George Bush” […]

Voiding my useless and irrelevant warranty
(While worrying about my ongoing slide into crime)

Ugh! After only a year or so of use, my cell phone’s bluetooth receiver (a Cardo Scala 500) is failing miserably. The battery runs down far too quickly, and it has an infuriating way of running down the battery of my cell phone during its own erratically short life. I thought I had a bright […]

I Support Democracy In Iraq – The Animation

This was the first submission in our contest for a better logo: I Support Democracy In Iraq – Contest which also contains a link to some submission guidelines written by one of the judges. First prize in the contest is from Coyote Organics. Thanks to bo ure who created it. Cross Posted at The Astute […]

bumbling the bee scare?

On Thursday (the day before yesterday), the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a scolding editorial written by self-styled “investigative journalist” Dave Lindorff who declared that not only are the honey bees “gone,” but that so are all pollinators. In a skeptical post, I noted that it was early in the season (there was snow last week), but […]

What about the right to keep and bear eggs?

Er, sorry, I changed the title of the post. I said “dogs” but I want to be accurate as possible, and right now they’re only going after dogs capable of reproducing themselves — which means the dogs’ eggs and sperm. (See my last post about California’s mandatory spay and neuter law, and also take a […]

A Political Deadline For Defeat.

Joe Lieberman has given an outstanding speech on the Iraq War funding bills now passing through the Senate. The video is about 3 3/4 minutes long and you can view it at Classical Values or at The Astute Bloggers. I highly reccommend it if you can spare the bandwidth. Joe asks why Oct. 1, 2007 […]

The end of mutts?

I’ve always enjoyed purebred dogs, but a lot of people I know swear by mutts. And I can understand why, because some of the nicest dogs I have ever known have been mongrels. Man’s best friend does not have to look pretty in a show ring, or come with a pedigree. Few people stop to […]

A Deadline for Defeat

Joe Lieberman cuts the Democrats down to size in this 3 3/4 minute video. Very much worth a look if you haven’t seen it already. Cross Posted at The Astute Bloggers H/T Kurt at Flopping Aces

A vote for Obama as an offset against racism?

Many white Americans are suffering from what I’d call race fatigue. It’s not like ordinary fatigue, because this fatigue takes the form of being sick of the fatigue itself. Not only are they are sick of the fact that race is an issue, but they are sick and tired of feeling guilty about racism, and […]

Can anyone explain this?

Quick question for any geeks out there. Here’s a recent comment which was left which had absolutely nothing to do with the post or the other comments: Wagnerian frees artichoke religions?rebuilding emperors,clone… Thank you!! Now, there was no embedded link, no URL anywhere, no website listed, and the email address was alphabetical gobbledygook. (I Googled […]

Break the schools that break the necks

Not long ago, huge young men (euphemistically called “children” by a society in denial) attacked a Philadelphia public school teacher, and beat him so severely that he was sent to the hospital with a broken neck. The case continues to capture the public’s imagination (as it captured mine in a couple of posts), and today […]

Obama Is Silent

That is a truly novel approach to politics. Except when it comes to Obama’s friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Tony is a high powered developer of slum property with friends in City Hall. Well you know how it is in Chicago politics. Sometimes silence is better than an insurance policy. A life insurance policy. Which only […]

Haditha Bombshell – Intel Evidence

New evidence continues to surface in the Haditha case that shows the Marines didn’t do it. Convincing evidence that corroborates NewsMax.com‘s accounts of the Haditha insurgent ambush has compelled the prosecution to take extraordinary steps to bolster their crumbling case. The stunning announcement that all charges are being dropped against Sgt. Sanick P. Dela Cruz, […]

Indictment in Atlanta

Anyone remember Kathryn Johnston, the 92 year old Atlanta woman who was shot to death during a police drug raid for attempting to defend herself? The officers involved in the shooting have been indicted: ATLANTA—- A grand jury indicted three current and former Atlanta police officers in the shooting death of a 92-year-old woman during […]