Global Cooling

I was reading the Netscape Blog today and came across an interesting post on the politicization of climate science. They report: More than 120 scientists across seven federal agencies say they have been pressured to remove references to “climate change” and “global warming” from a range of documents, including press releases and communications with Congress. […]

Not ugly enough to appreciate?

Barcepundit’s Jose Guardia links to a fascinating piece on modern art, titled “Admit it – you really hate modern art”: There are esthetes who appreciate the cross-eyed cartoons of Pablo Picasso, the random dribbles of Jackson Pollock, and even the pickled pigs of Damien Hirst. Some of my best friends are modern artists. You, however, […]

Why that which is concealed is so often “irrelevant”

Warning. Some generalizations follow. I can’t really help it, because I’m thinking about the way people tend to think, and there’s no way to think about the way people think (especially when it comes to things like “values”) without generalizing about the way people think. A lot of people argue over identity politics (and its […]

Guilford Student Cleared

Guilford College student Jazz Favor has been cleared by the school and allowed back on campus. Greensboro, NC — A Guilford College football player’s mom is speaking out, only to WFMY News 2. Anita Favors, Jazz Favor’s mother, says the players and the Palestinan students were friends. She also says at least one of the […]

“It takes a Carrier”

So proclaims the motto of the U.S.S. Hillary Clinton, according to John Birmingham’s Final Impact (The Axis of Time Trilogy, Book 3). I didn’t order it, as I’m not a sci fi reader, but in this case perhaps I should make an exception. Not only does Justin say it’s great, but when Glenn Reynolds reviewed […]

Meet The Accusers

The accuseers in the Guilford College fight have finally met with police. Last Edited: Monday, 29 Jan 2007, 11:21 PM EST Created: Monday, 29 Jan 2007, 11:20 PM EST GREENSBORO (WGHP) — More than a week after a fight on the Guilford College campus, Greensboro police have interviewed the accusers. Three Palestinian students claim members […]

Palestinian Civil War Watch – 12

The current cease fire is holding. Except for one killing. So far. A Hamas affiliated gunman was shot dead in Khan Younies on Tuesday afternoon. Hamas officials are holding gunmen from Fateh responsible for the shooting. It is the first fatality to be reported since the cease-fire came into effect at 3 A.M [local time […]

You win, I’m Satan! End of argument.

In my post about the Moscow Mayor’s comments (that gay parades are Satanic), one of the things that came up was whether Krishna is Satanic. Here’s why I think a lot easier to opine on whether gay parades are Satanic than whether Krishna is Satanic. Because nearly everyone believes in (I mean in the sense […]

An Incentive, Not A Deterrent

Bernard Lewis says that MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) does not work with people who want to be destroyed. Outdated Cold war concepts, such as mutually assured destruction (M.A.D) are irrelevant when it comes to Iran , because the Iranian president and his circle see such a scenario “as an incentive, not a deterrent,” renowned scholar […]


Now I’m not sure if magistration is a word. At least in the sense I intend to use it. So what do I mean by magistration? Getting a magistrate to swear out a warrant without any input from law enforcement. Basically a way to get a person jailed with out any evidence except a sworn […]

First it was Bush fascism! Now it’s a “fight for survival”!

The hilarious Chris Hedges (whose views I ridiculed as the “final countdown to Bush Fascism“) just can’t seem to get enough. Of what? Humor, hopes Clayton Cramer, as he waits for Hedge’s punchline and links Eugene Volokh’s discussion of some truly horrendous anti-free speech remarks by Hedges. From Hedges’ book (American Fascists): This is the […]

Palestinian Civil War Watch – 11

The Palestinian civil war appears to be raging on. Fighting appears to be heavy and wide spread. 22:43 Jan 29, ’07 ( Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was unhurt in heavy fighting near his home and office as he called for a halt in the violence which claimed the lives of at least […]

Get thee behind me, remanufactured Satan!

I don’t know whether Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov has been taking moral equivalency lessons from Dinish D’Souza, but his comments that gay parades are Satanic are attracting a lot of attention. Here’s GayRussia‘s colorful version of the story (which uses the charming translation “Satanist happening”): Mayor Luzhkov said today that he will not even allow […]

Anti-Railroading Society

Let me state here at the beginning that I do not have it in for the Union Pacific, B&O, Southern Pacific or any of the myriad other rail transportation companiers in America. The kind of railroading I’m against is where police and prosectors home in on a suspect and won’t let go despite evidence of […]

RINOs — They’re bad, and they’re baaaaack!

The Carnival of the RINOs has been posted at Dan Melson’s Searchlight Crusade. I am delighted to see so many posts, especially after some post election slump. Great posts, and a great job by Dan Melson!

Picking nits over lousy principles?

Is graffiti is now officically sanctioned? So asks Glenn Reynolds, as he links a report from The Hill about the refusal by U.S. Capitol Hill Police to stop anarchists from graffitiing the Capitol: Anti-war protesters were allowed to spray paint on part of thewest front steps of the United States Capitol building after police wereordered […]

A Stand Up Fight

I seem to be obsessed with war news these days. Kind of a morbid fascination. In any case, US forces in Iraq have some how managed to get a group of insurgents to stand up and fight. As usual under such circumstances the insurgents are taking a beating. NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) – U.S. and Iraqi […]

How to deal with yellow brick road rage

This is the next president of the United States? DAVENPORT, Iowa, Jan. 28 — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton called today for President Bush to “extricate our country” from Iraq by the time he leaves office in 2009, and she also said she knew enough about “evil and bad men” to protect the country from its […]

Gaza Plunged Into Darkness

You knew that already, didn’t you? Well a little extra darkness has been added. 10:21 Jan 29, ’07 Gunfire and rocket attacks by rival terrorists hit a power transformer, plunging the western part of Gaza into darkness. A sixth militia gunman was killed a short time ago as fighting and kidnappings continued despite agreements […]

At least Kerry is consistent!

“Kerry is exactly what the U.S. needs right now.” —Tehran Times, June 2004. (The Tehran Times’ links to that and other pro-Kerry articles are not working, but they once were.) This is not to suggest that Bush is perfect. Far from it. I’m often disappointed in him, and many times I’ve looked back and asked […]