Moblog from the West Coast….

…..of New Jersey, of course! Happy New Year! I wish I could feed up a picture of the last sunset of 2003, off Cape May, New Jersey, but there’s no way to do that with this Sidekick. (No camera attachment yet; patience please.) Well, here it is! The last sunset of 2003, Cape May, New […]

Some minorities are more equal than others!

I wish the enforcers of political correctness would behave in a consistent manner! For starters, there’s this report (link) of a conservative student who was threatened with violence and told to stay away from school because of his views. Mark Alton, a biology teacher, excoriated him and others as “neoconservative wing-nuts who call themselves Americans” […]

Local politics?

Remember last month’s large bombing in Saudi Arabia — which everyone assumed to be an act of international terrorism sponsored by al Qaida? Saudi authorities claimed it was, and most Americans simply assumed this was the case. Why would anyone think otherwise? Well, here’s an intriguing report which claims otherwise: The suicide bomb attack at […]

From yesterday…. (Why I haven’t posted anything today)

Moblogging while Puff and I sit waiting at Philadelphia International Airport. Isn’t that a crime of some sort? They no longer allow waiting at the terminal itself, so everybody pulls over and waits on the shoulder and I GOTTA RUN RIGHT NOW!

EHRLICH’S DECLINE AND FALL (if only we’d obeyed him!)

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW is that in ten or fifteen years — twenty or twenty-five at the most — you will be living in a world extremely different from that of today — one that, if you are unprepared for it, will prove extraordinarily unpleasant. Paul Ehrlich, The End of Affluence Ballantine Paperback (First […]

Is dumb ignorance less harmful than intelligent ignorance?

A few posts ago, I complained about a Park Service employee whose goal in life seems to be convincing the world that the Grand Canyon is only a few thousand years old. I dislike seeing ignorance being promoted as science. This morning I was treated to another example of ignorance — this time emanating from […]

Not all bullies are big strong men

Perhaps I spent too much time living in Berkeley, California, but I am always interested in the origins of popular hysteria and crackpot ideas. This latest outburst — that the Iranian earthquake was triggered by the United States military (aka “Bush”) (via InstaPundit) — seemed certain not to disappoint. If you follow the links to […]

A corrected retraction of a corrected offer to improperly retract a corrected story?

….which is another way of saying that this post is an “UPDATE.” But the original post is so far down on the blog that no one would notice or care if I updated it there. Anyway, in that earlier post, I expressed the hope that this story (that gay demonstrations were being censored out of […]

Cheating asshole with half baked cookie theories!

I almost forgot the Most Important Thing! It’s Friday, and notwithstanding Christmas (which seemed to make the entire week disappear), or the fact that today is Boxing Day, it is still Online Testing Day at Classical Values, and the show must go on! As I’m sure many of you did, I pigged out something awful […]

Sick and ill-treated children?

Recently, Frederick Turner (via InstaPundit) reflected upon the difference between those whose goal is the good, and those whose goal is the right. Laws seem, as many philosophers have opined, to be based on one of two foundations: what is good, and what is right. Very roughly, the distinction can be found in the difference […]

Treo 180 test….

This is a Treo test. Frankly, I think the T-mobile Sidekick is far easier to use — but still, I thought I should do an honest evaluation. By comparison, this is torture. The keyboard is much smaller and harder to use! The OS, though, feels stabler. Now let’s see whether we can post! NOTE: The […]

Merry Christmas!

UPDATE: Read Lee Harris’s thoughts on blaming Christmas. (And don’t!) Really good insight there. (Via InstaPundit/) I think Mr. Harris deserves the prize for Best Christmas Essay. (I say this as someone who does not like Christmas, too….)

Whose hoax was this, anyway?

Might there be more to the supposedly discredited Telegraph story (about Abu Nidal’s possible training of September 11 terrorist Muhammad Atta) than meets the eye? Originally, Glenn Reynolds linked to the story, and when I read his link I recalled the very suspicious circumstances of Abu Nidal’s death — and, in particular, this contemporaneous spin, […]

Santa’s coming! What more proof do you want?

This is Christmas eve, and that last post was a tad dreary. I want to move to something over which the most sincere and intelligent minds can differ, but on which we ought to be able to find common ground. So bear with me, OK? I refer to the ongoing, ageless dispute over the existence […]

Your tax dollars at play!

Hey, let’s play make believe. Forget about whether or not “images” of homosexuals have been removed from sight of professional zealots who managed (apparently) to make the government censor Lincoln Memorial displays. Let’s talk about total fiction being taught as truth. George Washington and the cherry tree, move over. This is better: This fall the […]

Serene sunset in the park

The dog park Puff and I frequent is deserted today. Unusual to the point of spookiness, because it’s supposed to be packed right now with busy commuters…. But hey! Action! Bella (female, eight yearls old) is playing with Puff. According to her owner, she’s in her “Cinderbella” mood. (Either that or her more onerous, “Bela” […]

All roads lead to X-mas!

Christmas eve rainstorm in New Jersey! Everyone seems to be shopping in the rain, and in bumper-to-bumper traffic, on the world’s worst road: Route 206. Don’t wanna knock New Jersey too much, but right now it ain’t a Norman Rockwell painting! Christmas is coming! That seems to be the latest discovery around here! (Never thought […]

Mo’ better moblogging

My impressions of the new T-Mobile color Sidekick….. Obviously, it’s not as fast or as versatile as a laptop. But hey == I can do “moblog” posts as I am right now. As I said last night, the biggest problem is linking. A shame, really, because I take pride in my links, but there is […]

It takes both!

Boys of Athens studied dances, while boys of Sparta fought with lances. InstaPundit features (in an extended quote), Michael Novak’s observations about Athens and Sparta — and how we Americans should learn to combine elements of both — is very thoughtful, poignant advice, as well as a lesson on the wrongful nature of the Culture […]

Am I on yet?

Well now! This should certainly be interesting. I am right now attempting my very first moblog — thanks to the inspiration of Jeff Jarvis (whoa. I think I just wrote a link by hand with this thingie), and others I discovered in the course of researching this technology. It is slow, but I can do […]