Part Three: the Fall and rise — of sex

Sex and prayer. At first blush, these two things would not seem to have much in common. But in the identity politics-driven world of modern America, sex and prayer have a very important thing in common. They are political. Politicization of sex is not new, of course. (More links.) Neither is politicization of prayer — […]

Proof of life after death!

Fall in!

October 30, 130 AD. Eighteen hundred and seventy three years ago today, Antinous drowned in the Nile. Perhaps it is appropriate that we celebrate tonight as “mischief night” for opening ancient closets is always a source of mischief. This mischief will constitute Part Three of my “Fall” series. In Parts One and Part Two I […]

Hidden and open identities

Things are getting to the point where if you dislike socialism as much as you dislike moral conservatism, you have no place in either the Republican or Democratic Party. American politics are now driven primarily by socialism and moral conservatism. Libertarianism is a joke. And an especially cruel joke at that, considering that the majority […]

No sin left behind?

It would be irresponsible of me not to see how this blog rates under the Gematriculator rating system (link thanks to Discount Blogger), so I allowed the engine to search my blog. Here are the Official results for Classical Values (arranged as fetchingly as I could….): Nothing like official certification, is there? I really suggest […]

Catching, isn’t it?

Instapundit touches, literally, on a most annoying problem shared by most people who interact with the public: touching and the common cold. I have long hated people who are so rude as to show up for work or school — or, God forbid an airline flight (yeah, I know it’s not their fault….) — sniffling, […]

Unpeeling modern labels to reveal a classical core

I don’t know how I stumbled onto it (and if I did I wouldn’t say…), but I found an utterly captivating post here. I’d never seen the word “biphobic” before, but why the hell not? These words are such nonsense that we might as well stretch them to their limits. It would be nice to […]

Beyond Freedom and Dignity?

If B.F. Skinner designed human rat boxes…. Here’s the ultimate warm fuzzy PC mobile for…. hmmmmm, what’s the equivalent of an automotive tree hugger? A road hugger? No, I don’t think so. Anyway, look at this, this thing: ” The p.o.d (personalization on demand) redefines ergonomics. When you approach, it ?smiles? and opens its door. […]


Today marks TWO important occasions for my dear blogfather. First, it’s Jeff’s birthday! And on top of that, it’s Jeff’s blogoversary — all day and all week! Go over there and give him his birthday spanks! I can’t say enough good about Jeff, of course, for not only did he inspire me to get off […]

Double Trouble!

Today is Friday, which is Online Test Day at Classical Values. It is also Vacation On The Road Day, which means I don’t have much time. But nevertheless, I found an online test — Which 80’s Song Fits You? — from the blogger who never fails to meet or exceed the cultural speed of light, […]

De minimis non curat….

I don’t often disagree with the blogfather of all blogfathers, and so I don’t want this to be a disagreement. Maybe a point of ordered disorder. Anyway, the esteemed Instapundit might have been (gasp!) slightly mistaken when he referred to Knoxville as home to the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Had he been […]

lively…..">Blogging very late and lite but lively…..

Not much blogging today, as I am on the road. Staying at the amazing Opryland Hotel in Nashville! The place is a maze, rivers run through it, and all in all it is a very tasteful shrine to the music which built it — and I believe it is very pleasantly haunted to boot…. Really […]

Recreation is never therapeutic?

First things first: I did not mean to insult God, offend religious people, or offend supporters of Hillary Clinton with the angry title of a previous post. It was my way of saying that I do not believe in a god who punishes all for the shortcomings of some, just as I refuse to believe […]

Come again, your honor?

Having a hard day? Well, read this item: A French judge has been caught masturbating in court. The un-named magistrate was seen masturbating in a court in Angouleme. Three witnesses, a lawyer, a woman in the public gallery and a journalist, all reported seeing the act. French newspaper Charente Libre, whose reporter was among the […]

What would Mahathir Mohamad do?

At least one leading blogger is sympathetic to Saudi Arabia acquiring nukes: If you were SA what would you do? The only deterrence to preemption is having the thing it’s trying to preempt. I can only assume he’d apply the same thinking to nukes in Iran. (Or, if you were Saddam Hussein what would you […]


Is a boycott of Malaysia unthinkable? Think Malaysia, and think: Microsoft. Intel. AMD. Dell. In short, Malaysia is a virtual Who’s Who of the computer industry. And, by the way, sodomy laws. (Here’s more.) The CPU and countless other parts inside the PC you are now using were very likely made in Malaysia, and your […]

I try harder….

….according to this quiz, at least…. (Via Dean Esmay.)

Is “sin” made in Hollywood?

“They that live in sin shall die in sin.” Did Ronald Reagan say that about people with AIDS? See also the New York Times report on this story — which fails utterly to confirm this remark. (via Virginia Postrel.) Either Ronald Reagan made the above statement or he did not. I spent over an hour […]

If Hillary is God’s punishment, then God sucks!

All I try to ask from people is original thought. By that, I simply mean that people ought to think for themselves instead of spouting the opinions of other people. If someone spouts Hillary Clinton’s opinions but is unable to defend them, then I tend to lose respect for that person. A mere recital of […]

Back up blog

The following was posted at my emergency backup blog: FUCK YOU, AL QAEDA! I notice that for the second time in just a few days, Hosting Matters is down. While some people might consider changing to another ISP, I am very loyal to what I can tell is a good company. But — considering the […]